Victory for the working class! ITF Peru: From Labourstart.

This is great news.  Just two weeks after we launched an online campaign together with the International Transport Workers Federation in support of airline workers in Peru and Argentina, they’ve won a huge victory. I’m copying their entire short statement below — read it and enjoy. (That’s a photo of them celebrating their win, above.)

What LATAM workers have won, we can also win for LIDL and Aelia workers in Poland — if only we can spread the word of these campaigns to thousands more union members.  

Please help — share this message. Thanks! Eric Lee.



SITALANPE says THANK YOU to LabourStart supporters!

This Tuesday, LAN Peru’s mechanics signed a ground-breaking new collective agreement with the company. After years of unequal treatment, and a pay freeze for the last ten years, the workers have reached an agreement with the company which guarantees job security and improved conditions. Highlights of their agreement include:
  • Precarious workers have new fixed term contracts
  • An improved work-life balance, with a more transparent allocation of shifts and rotations
  • An increase in basic salary
Over 6,500 of you supported the mechanics in their pursuit for equality, and this result would not have been possible without you. Thank you for your support for the Peruvian mechanics! As we write, LAN Argentina’s flight attendants are struggling against the company’s refusal to negotiate an agreement. We ask you to remain alert and ready for action to support our brothers and sisters in Argentina.
In solidarity,

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