A reply to the blogger kittysjones: “The ultimate aim of the “allthesame” lie is division and disempowerment of the Left.”

What a fucking cop out!

What follows was posted as a reply to the blog post here: twice; we then asked the blogger whether our comment had been censored, as we could see other, more sycophantic comments had since been approved by the admin; that reply didn’t appear either. It doesn’t auger well for a future under labour if even their supporting bloggers seek to stifle mild dissent.

From the anti-capitalist point of view of course they’re all the same, – should the turkey vote for Christmas? The Chartist and suffragette campaigns were not primarily about the right to vote, that was just a means to an end. They were an attempt to bring the selfish and greedy ruling class to heel, and they weren’t afraid to fight. But it was too late, they let us have the vote once they had completed the theft of our means of production, and condemned every single one of us to wage labour, which however you dress it up, is an abusive relationship; an abomination. The labour party gave the working class someone to vote for that could speak politely for it in the corridors of power then take its seat again without ever altering the balance of that power.

The worst thing about voting is that it’s an excuse for not doing anything, it reinforces the idea that someone, somewhere, is in control and it’s up to them to solve the problems they created, it isn’t, it’s up to us. People waste their time and energy campaigning in an election and then sit back on their arses as if they’ve done something worthwhile. What a fucking cop out. The working class has power, governments claim to have it; government is a conspiracy between rulers and ruled. Your reward for allowing yourself to be governed is absolution from responsibility for the misery created by the society you inhabit. Recent history has shown that whilst elected governments must bend to corporate interests a handful of determined militants can thwart their best laid plans. An example of the futility of parliamentary democracy can be found here: yet generations of leftists have defeated themselves in this arena. Read how the labour member respects our enemies for their ability to frustrate us.

What if labour do get elected? A thinly-veiled corporatism is sold to us on the basis that it will be slightly kinder; and to the bourgeoisie on the premise that it will be more stable than their cut-throat piracy (in other words we will be persuaded to collaborate in our own exploitation). When we start kicking off, wildcatting, blockading fracking sites, stopping evictions and deportations, closing down exploiters, actually hurting our capitalist enemies, they’ll tell us to stop rocking the boat or we’ll let the tories in again, just like they did in the 70’s. Anyway, here’s our original reply:

“All three parties are fighting this election under false pretences, the idea that countries must balance their books like petty bourgeois households and that abstract debts created in computer programmes exert some moral obligation over real people – much less the working class, who even built their wretched computers for them. The idea that there is a shortage of work and money when in fact there is too much of both. There is plenty to do; to be sure, saving the bloody planet for a start, but the only activity that will earn you a qualified right to exist in their world is one that adds value to someone else’s capital thereby enhancing the fetishised status of the socially useless. A true socialist would have the courage to say so.

Of course the tories are despicable and wish to enslave the working class, but need I remind you the last labour government introduced workfare and lied to the United Nations to start a war in which a million people died, despite an unprecedented and inarguable level of active public opposition. Short of taking up arms against the state the British people were powerless to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe engineered by Tony Blair on behalf of his sponsors in the oil industry – Halliburton – who were at the time running the United States. They’ve got form for this; the Wilson government took a solemn decision in cabinet to lie to the U.N. over Diego Garcia which it had sold to the U.S. for a military base, had the population forcibly removed and left to stave to death on a rock.

Now Miliband will pander to the moral panic painstakingly created by the corporate media over immigration; curiously the public service broadcaster has led the way in this. The BBC incessantly prompts callers for reactionary comments, reassuring wavering racists that it’s understandable to be scared of foreigners. Any fool knows that economic migration is not controlled by governments but by the bourgeoisie, who use it to lower the wages and conditions at the bottom, whilst ‘quality immigration’ – importing I.T. specialists from India or doctors from the Philippines is just a shameful pillage of the education systems of the poorest countries by the richest – primitive accumulation. National borders are of no use to us, being only necessary to maintain differentials in prices and wages to the benefit of the employing class. A true socialist would have the courage to say so.

A ‘Labour’ party would stand for the working class regardless of nationality and expose the concept of national interest for the scam it has always been. It would stop lying about the realities of economics, stop apologising for the excesses of global capitalism, stop trying to fix the economy, stop polishing the turd. If we want an end to capitalism we have to stop trying to make it work. The economy is the mechanism that maintains the dominance of the few over the many and we must push it until it breaks.

We don’t want a different government we need expropriation of private property and to take control of the infrastructure to institute sustainable demand-led production. No political party is going to do that for us, the emancipation of the exploited is the task of the exploited themselves, not some lily-livered apologist for the exploiters.”

Mal C x

3 thoughts on “A reply to the blogger kittysjones: “The ultimate aim of the “allthesame” lie is division and disempowerment of the Left.”

  1. How near are we to achieving “expropriation of private property, control of the infrastructure to institute sustainable demand-led production and the emancipation of the exploited ( the task of the exploited themselves)? Seems to me we slipped further and further away from that. But at least we’d have had a starting point with a labour government instead of the authoritarians in now, who simply tighten their grip on everything. I’m a person with an anarchist philosophy leanings, some socialist values, and see a country that can’t even be arsed voting rationally, let alone organising. I’m a pragmatist in that I recognise sometimes we have to take smaller steps for a while. But there’s too much division for even that to work, atm. We need a fresh approach to this instead of the stupid and unproductive infighting.amongst the left. We’v learned that allowing the Tories back in hasn’t sparked the revolution.

    All the best

    • Well a great deal has happened since that was written – but nothing of any importance. Both the Corbyn movement and the referendum result show a bitter dissatisfaction with the status quo, and there is a window of opportunity to kick the ruling class while it’s down. Meanwhile the worthies in the PLP seem most preoccupied with restoring business as usual – or maybe hanging on to their posts long enough to eventually sit in the house of lords. If we’re cynical about political structures it’s only because we’ve been observing them all our lives and never seen any good in them – how long has Corbyn sat in that hateful place?

      The late Tony Benn devoted his long life to proving socialism could be achieved by parliamentary constitutional means and in effect, proved precisely the opposite. Along the way he participated in some appalling governments.

      Small steps you say, but if the price of these is the slaughter of innocents, and keeping the populace in ignorance about the basic workings of political economy, while pandering to bigots and corporate parasites, are they actually steps in the right direction? In the end Blair killed more people than Thatcher, as Stalin killed more people than Hitler, it doesn’t matter what you claim to believe in, it’s how you live your life. Blair is he very definition of the religious fanatic who convinces themself every death is justified – who would want to be in a party with people like that?

      The solution is to radicalise the class one worker at a time, one issue at a time, if they all do the same eventually it will run away with itself. We fight for small improvements, fight, not ask, take, take, take and give nothing in return until capitalism is untenable (it is anyway, they’re just faking it now, you know). If those half a million Corbynites get shafted before they burn out maybe they will be pissed off enough to take mass direct action, or maybe they will console themselves that “at least we tried”.

      Solidarity, WS

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