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We have exceeded our storage limit, and applied to Network23 for more, but to date received no reply, this means we will not be able to keep it updated. Please see our main site at Wessex Solidarity | South coast free radicals. to find out what we’re up to.

We’ll probably keep the domain going, as a backup in case the other goes down, but won’t be able to host any new media content.

An affinity group for those in our region with an interest in anarchism, syndicalism or direct action, who share our goal of building a stateless, classless society around the principles of libertarian socialism.

Class struggle anarchism has never been more relevant or credible, owing to the abject failure of capitalism and representative democracy, or state ‘communist’ bureaucracies to meet the needs of the people. Surely now every other ideology is discredited. We aim to promote our ideas by constantly challenging the narrative of governments and the corporate media.

Members of all other anti–authoritarian, anti–capitalist groups are welcome. We hope to work with all these groups in solidarity; we differ only in tactics and that’s good; the bourgeoisie won’t know who hit them or with what!

Our emphasis is on supporting workers’ struggles locally and globally, fighting inequality, oppression and fascism.

1 thought on “About us

  1. Hello!

    I contact you because I want to inform you about the situation in Sweden, where racism is growing. The situation is so bad, that nowadays racists and neo-nazis are employed by the police. It is dangerous because they can use their hate to attack innocent immigrants and people with foreign background. This happened to me and my family in July this year. We were brutally assaulted and got numerous punches to our heads. Until we bled and our teeth were destroyed. We had not done anything, but yet we could be subjected to violence. Our life is destroyed after what has happened. Earlier, neo-nazis have carved swastikas on our apartment door and written racist and anti-semitic threats. They have also attacked us in the streets. We have moved several times to find safety, but the threats and attacks have continued. This because racists and neo-nazis are organized and have members in different places. After we were brutally assaulted by the police, neo-nazi websites have written our names, where we live and other information. They have commented that they will shoot us. The police have cooperated with the neo-nazi websites. There is a video uploaded on Youtube, that show when we are attacked by the police. It can be found in the following link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84Kjt2HTisY
    Furthermore, I am grateful for all the advice and information that I can get about what to do in the situation I am in.

    Best regards,

    Delshad Amin

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