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We have exceeded our storage limit, and applied to Network23 for more, but to date received no reply, this means we will not be able to keep it updated. Please see our main site at Wessex Solidarity | South coast free radicals. to find out what we’re up to.

We’ll probably keep the domain going, as a backup in case the other goes down, but won’t be able to host any new media content.

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  5. hi,
    annie here from fashwatch were working hard to update pictures on the site, but as we all have lives lols and other commitments we can only do a bit at a time whenever where free, soooooo theres going to be loads of mistakes made so we need folk to have a look and let us know what mistakes we’ve made, but be nice ;) as were volunteers and also please please pass around info on the site, at the moment were just getting pictures from facebook etc we need your intell love annie kiss

    • Cheers Annie, I’ve put your site on our links page, please do the same for us, if you have any news, suggestions for links or the reference library or want to write something for the blog, let us know, the site is for everyone!
      Mal x

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