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We have exceeded our storage limit, and applied to Network23 for more, but to date received no reply, this means we will not be able to keep it updated. Please see our main site at Wessex Solidarity | South coast free radicals. to find out what we’re up to.

We’ll probably keep the domain going, as a backup in case the other goes down, but won’t be able to host any new media content.

1 in 12 club, Bradford


3 Counties Anti-Fascist Alliance

The A hole

Aberdeen Anarchists

Aberdeen Anti-Fascist Alliance

The Accidental Anarchist: The Diary of a Hampstead Mum

Activist Trauma Support

Advisory service for squatters

A.F.A Ireland

AK Press


All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions

Amila Bosnae


Anarchism and the Platformist Tradition

Anarchist Action Network

Anarchist Archives (collected works and such)

Anarchist black cat – chat forum

Anarchist daze

Anarchist Federation

Anarchist federation Scotland

Anarchist library

The Anarchist media project

Anarchist News


Anarchy is order



Andy Carrington – Anti fascist writer, poet and critic.

Angry Women Of Liverpool

Angry Workers of the World

The Angst of Auntie Farr

Antagonise’s posterous

Anti Capitalist Action Brighton

Anti Capitalist Action Manchester

Antifa AG an der uni bielefeld

Antifa AK Cologne

Antifascist Action For Greece UK

Anti-Fascist Archive

Antifascist network

Anti fascists online

Anti raids – a new London-wide network resisting and challenging immigration checks and raids

Another angry voice

Another Angry Woman

Architects for Social Housing (ASH)

Arms for Rojava

The Armchair Anarchist: The Voice Of The 5th Estate

The Artist Taxi Driver

Asylum seekers in Bristol

Autonome antifa [w]

Basildon And Southend Housing Action

Bath Activist Network

Bath Anarchist Revolutionary Forces (B.A.R.F.)

Bedford Bypass

Ben Martin

Benefit Claimants Fight Back

Be the Media

Beyond Resistance

Big Flame UK 1970-1984

Black And Red Flag: An Anarcho-syndicalist in the UK

Blackmail3 against animal testing and state repression.

Black Rose Anarchist Federation / Federación Anarquista Rosa Negra

Black Triangle Campaign – Disabled people against the cuts

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement

Boycott Workfare

Bradford IWW Union

Brighton Anarchist Black Cross

Brighton Antifascists

Brighton Benefits Campaign

Bristol Anarchist Black Cross

Bristol Anarchist Book Fair

Bristol Anarchist federation

Bristol Antifa Co-op

The Bristol Hum (Bristol class war)

The Bristolian

Bristol Indymedia

Bristol IWW

Bristol radical history group

Bristol Solidarity Network

Building Human Rights

Bulgarian Prisoners Association

Calais Migrant Solidarity

Cambridge Anarchists

Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance (COPS)

Cautiously pessimistic

Chicago IWW

Child Poverty Action Group

The Circled A radio show

Class(room)war – Anarchist teacher’s blog

Class War

CNT-AIT Caen, France.

CNT-AIT Toulouse, France.

Coastal Credit Union

The Column

Commercial, Stevedoring, Agricultural and Allied Workers’ Union (CSAAWU South Africa).

Committee Against Political Repression

Connecticut Black News.

Consent and Welfare to Work(fare) Programmes – consent.me.uk

Cornwall Anti-cuts Alliance

Corporate watch

Cosmo innit

Counselling for Social Change

The Cowley Club Brighton

Christie Books

Crutch Collective

Cuts Cafe London

Cyber Anarchia

Daniel Cooper’s blog

Defacing Currency.

Derry Anarchists

District Fellows

Dog Sharon

Dorset Eye

Dorset IWW

Dorset Socialists

DPAC – Disabled People Against the Cuts

Discover Society: Social research, commentary and policy analysis.

Dissident voice.

Dumfries and Galloway (Solway) IWW


East London Big Flame Archive

Easton Cowboys and Cowgirls

East Midlands Anti-Fascists

Edinburgh Anarchist Federation

Edinburgh Anarcha Feminist Kollective

Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty

Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists multilingual blog

e-mail a prisoner

Empty Cages Design

English Collective of Prostitutes

Eviction Resistance

The Famous Artist Birdy Rose


Fighting The Biocrisis

Finolamoss: My life with an autistic daughter.(Exposes racket of privatised care services – ed)


Folk against fascism

Forest of Dean Anarchists

Food Not Bombs Pilipinas

Frack-free Dorset.org

The Free

Free Barrett Brown

Freedom press

Free Mumia Abu-Jamal

Friends house hospitality workers (IWW)

Frontline News – Radical Polish language site (you can translate, it’s worth it!)

Fuck parade



Gasera Journal

Gawain Williams Blog

Going Postal

Grassroots Left

Green Action Group Basildon

Green and black cross

Glasgow Anarchists

Glasgow Solidarity Network

Gurgaon workers news

Hackney anarchist group

The Radical History of Hackney

Haringey solidarity group

Hastings Solidarity

Hazards Campaign

Hereford Heckler (Hereford solidarity league)

Hydra Books

Ian Bone

Ideas and Action

irate: feminism, poetry, music

Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee.

INCUBUS: Incendiary rants of an apostate anarchist

The Independent Working Class Association (IWCA) – Formerly Red Action


Infantile Disorder


Industrial Workers of the World UK

Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) international

Innocent Badger

Institute for Social Ecology

Insurrection News

The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund

International Libertarian Socialist Alliance

International of anarchist federations – to which Afed is affiliated

International Organization for a Participatory Society (IOPS)

International workers’ association – to which Solfed is affiliated

Internationalist prison books collective

Inquest (contentious deaths in custody)

Iron Column Records

Islamophobia watch


IWW Australia

IWW Boston GMB

IWW Canada

IWW Cymru-Wales

IWW Environmental Unionist Caucus.

IWW Germany

IWW Harvard

IWW Lithuania

IWW Scotland

IWW Taiwan

James Bar Bowen: radical acoustic folk-punk singer-songwriter

Jeff Monson


Job Seeker Sanctions Advice service.

Justice for Kevan Thakrar.

Kate Belgrave: Talking with people dealing with public sector cuts.

Kate Sharpley library

Kaput: anarchist self-education collective

Kebele community co-operative, Bristol

Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group

Kurdistan Solidarity Network

Kurdish Question

Labour Research Department

Labour Start

Laindon & District Community Archive

The Land Magazine

Last Hours

Leeds Anarchist Black Cross

Leeds Anti-fascist Network

Left at the Lights: Sam Ambreen’s blog

Left Unity

Legal Defence & Monitoring Group


The Libertarian Communist

Lidiap – List of digitized anarchist periodicals

Lincoln Underground Collective

lipstick socialist

Liverpool Antifascists

Liverpool IWW

London Action Resource Centre (LARC)

London Anarchist Bookfair

London Anti-fascists

London Health Emergency (LHE)

The Luddites at 200

Malatesta’s antifascist blog

Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair

Marc Norton Online

Midlands antifascists

Mindsetbreaker Press

Miner’s Advice

Miscarriages of Justice UK (MOJUK)

More than just badgers

The Most Revolutionary Act


The Multicultural Politic

National coalition against fees and cuts

Newham Monitoring Project

News from nowhere

No Borders UK

Norfolk Community Action Group

North East Anarchists


Newcastle SolFed

Notes from the Borderland

Now or never

The Occupied Times of London

Occupy Wall Street by Platlee

Olympia Industrial Workers of the World

The Organizer: blog of the Twin Cities Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)

Our welfare

Ottawa-Outaouais IWW GMB

Palestine Solidarity Campaign Southampton Branch.Blog

Paul Stott

People and Nature


Plan C

Plane Stupid

Portland IWW

Portsmouth Anarchists

Portsmouth Anti-Fascists

Portsmouth Socialist Network


Plane Stupid .



Providence IWW

Property is theft! Archive New site


Quacking Plums

Rabble news

Radical History Network

Radical Housing Network

Radical Wales

Radical Routes (Co-ops network)

Rant Collective

Recomposition – notes for a new workerism

Red and Anarchist Action Network

Red and Black Britain

Red and Black Leeds

Red n Black TV: Comrade Martin tells it like it is.

Red and black resistance

Red and black umbrella – social centre in Cardiff

Red Pepper

Red Star Commando


Refuted: Know your rights JSA/ESA workfare etc

Remembering Olive [Morris] Collective

Revolting Pleb

Revolutionära Fronten

The revolution will be streamed – Donnacha DeLong’s blog

Richmond IWW

Right to remain: Information and resources for migrants and asylum seekers.

Reading International Solidarity Centre (RISC)

Rob los Ricos

rockstar dinosaur pirate princess

The Rojava Report – News from the Revolution in Rojava and Wider Kurdistan

Twin Cities IWW

Sabcat printing

Sam Mbah – Nigerian author and activist


Scottish Unemployed Workers Network

Seattle Solidarity Network (“SeaSol”)

Seeds for change

Self organised London

Sentinel News

Sheffield Anarchist Bookfair 2015

Sheffield Anarchist Feminists

Shop stewards network

Sian and crooked rib

Site Worker

Skint and angry

Socialism and/or barbarism

The Socialist Party of Great Britain – Libertarian socialists

Solidaridad: Revista oficial de los Trabajadores Industriales del Mundo (I.W.W.)

Solidarity Federation

Solidarity magazine

Sometimes Antisocial

Southend in Transition Community Allotment

South Essex Heckler

Southern California IWW

South Wales Anarchists

Southall Black Sisters

Southampton AntiFA

Southern Poverty Law Center


SQUASH Campaign



Spartacus’s blog – Monthly round-ups of the class struggle in East Asia.


Spoil your vote


Squatters legal network

Staines Anarchists

Starbucks Workers Union (IWW)

Steel City Wobs

Still flying a black flag

Streets kitchen

Strike Corps

Stroud against cuts

Student Organiser’s Handbook

Subject. Object. Owen Adams’ blog – espescially info on fracking and Gloucestershire

Sustainable Dorset

Swindon Anarchists – contact email

Swindon Anarchists on twitter

Sweets way resists: against social cleansing by Annington Homes and Barnet Homes

Syrian Revolution Commentary and Analysis

Systemic disorder


Tinley Park Five – Chicago anti-fascists in jail

Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Museum and Festival

Toronto IWW

Trade Onion by Jon Bigger

Transport Workers Solidarity Committee

TRAPESE – Popular education collective

Traveller Solidarity

Truth reason & liberty

Twin Cities IWW

Unite community membership

Unity and Struggle

UK Social Centres Network


United Voices of the World (union)

The Vast Minority

Velvet Coalmine

Veterans For Peace UK

Vice Magazine.

The Violent Minority

Vio.Me Factory under workers’ control; experiment in industrial self-management in Greece

The Void

Vox Political

New site

Waging nonviolence: people-powered news and analysis

We are not afraid of ruins

We are Spartacus

Welsh Antifa

The Westcountry Mutineer

West Dorset Pro Wind

WHILE ROME BURNS – an anarchist journal

Who makes the nazis – Keeping an eye on the neo-fascists burrowing their way into a subculture near you

Why Hate When You Can Love. Discussion of human rights and the fight against abuse.

WIDESCREEN TVS: Blog about benefit cuts

Winter Oak

Wobbly Anarchist

Woodcraft Folk

Working class self organisation (old site)

Workers’ Action Centre

Workers control

Workers’ Solidarity Alliance

Workers Solidarity Movement (Ireland)

World riots

Worthing Anarchists.

XCLUSIVX fanzine: hardcore music, politics, veganism

XV International Brigade in Spain

York Alternative History

York Anarchists Blog

Yorkley Court Community Farm

Your Ward News Watch: Toronto anti-fascist site.

Y.P.G. International

Y.P.J. Rojava, Women’s Defence Units (in English)

Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front

Zinn Education Project

Zone A Défendre

Zaher Baher