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We’ll probably keep the domain going, as a backup in case the other goes down, but won’t be able to host any new media content.

Stuff people sent us:

Mal Content – Mal Content’s rants


Co-operatives: springboard to revolution or hipster capitalism? – By Scanx

Lightbulb jokes – by Anna Coe & Cindy Callist

This is the perspective of one Alarm member. Just some things to consider whilst organising – By Yodet

The George Inn, Weymouth – suspension of premiss licence.

Another Fire, 4000 more RMG workers Seriously affected, Demonstration organized demanding support, NGWF, Bangladesh

Statement regarding our CNT comrade Chus Vila on hunger strike – from CNT Tenerife.

A Close look at the Syrian revolution – An Anarchist among jihadists

Is it only the destitute that have dignity? – By Triixcay.

News from the front – a Day of Action in the Class War – Saturday 17th August – Anon – somewhere in Dorset

View from a Ukrainian Anarchist comrade.

Dear police: A Citizen.

Statement from KRAS-IWA and other internationalists against war in Ukraine.

Does Anarchist Movement in Iraqi Kurdistan, Bashur, exist?
– Zaher Baher.
National Action and South Wales Police / Heddlu De Cymru: from the Anti Fascist Network.

British immigration police deported dozens of Latin American Byron Hamburgers workers.

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  1. Back to regular work after nearly two years in casual work and on the dole.

    Well, finally got a bread and butter minimum wage job in Swanage after 2+ years in temporary casual work and on the dole. Can crack on now with my photojournalism course

    Not to put to fine a word on it minimum wage work be it temporary or permanent is bollocks. The minimum wage is not a living wage and despite getting tax credits and all the so-called in-work support am no better of than when I was on the dole.

    What I am happy to report is that, as usual, with these type of jobs the boss is a bullying asshole. Thank god I’m in a union (in my case the IWW). By standing up to the asshole and telling her that I will defend myself at all times and use my union to do it I have got her off my back. The trouble is she’s now gone off in search of softer targets and there’s plenty of those at work. I have tried to spread the word about organising and joining as union but I might as well try and pull my foreskin over my head and play ‘land of hope and glory’ down the fucking hole I piss (and occasionally come) through.

    Sadly it’s going to take a massive uphill struggle for the idiot workers to stop just going to the pub and moaning about the boss and getting them of their arses and defending themselves. The working class in 2012 are their own worst enemies

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