Another Fire, 4000 more RMG workers Seriously affected, Demonstration organized demanding support, NGWF, Bangladesh

Just in: a press release from our comrades in the National Garment Workers’ Federation of Bangladesh – more to follow soon.

Another fire, 4,000 more garment workers affected seriously.
Garment workers held demonstration demanding support for the affected.
Allegation against Government, factory owners, buyers & NGOs of being inattentive

Huge number of garment workers today, Friday ­October 12 at 11:00am, formed a long human chain in front of National Press Club in Dhaka city demanding support for the fire-victims of Begun Bari and Sattala slums inferno. The workers, holding red-flags, took out a procession after the human chain and paraded important city streets.

National Garment Workers Federation (NGWF) organized the program. Over 7,000 people of which more than 4,000 are garment workers were seriously affected in devastating fire at Sattala slum under Mohakhali area in Dhaka city on October 7, 2012. Earlier, on September 20, more than 3,000 garment workers were affected seriously in another fire at Begun Bari slum under Tejgaon area in Dhaka city. The affected workers couldn’t save any article of their belongings since the inferno gutted whole of their houses and the two slums. The total number of affected garment workers, who virtually became ruined by the infernos, in the two fires is 7,000 (Begun Bari 3,000 and Sattala 4,000).

The gathering (during the human chain), presided over by NGWF President Amirul Haque Amin, was addressed by NGWF leaders, including General Secretary Ms Safia Parvin, Md Faruk Khan, Ms Sultana Aktar, Md Kabir Hossain, Ms Laila Ferdous, Md Rafiq, Ms Nasima Aktar and Nazneen Aktar. They said 7,000 garment workers (slum dwellers) of Begun Bari and Sattala slums lost everything of their belongings, including foodstuffs, cloths, beddings, furniture and utensils in the infernos. After the fires, the garment workers are passing their days through inhuman miseries. expressing deep regrets, the speakers said, The garment workers have been contributing 79 percent of the country’s export earnings. But when 7,000 garment workers became devastated by infernos none of the government, factory owners or buyers came forward to help them.

Even none of the NGOs, who accumulate foreign and domestic funds to help the deprived and needy, did not came forward to help the fire-victims ­garment workers­although there are over hundred NGOs, many of whom claimed to have been working for workers welfare.

The speakers expressed gratitude to BRAC, the lone NGO that helped Begun Bari fire-victims through providing medical treatment to injured persons and Taka 1,000 financial support to each of their families.

The speakers urged all, including the government, factory owners and buyers to come forward to help the affected garment workers of Begun Bari and Sattala slums.

The Speakers also said NGWF were with the affected workers from the beginning , NGWF still with them , Tried and trying to support them.

In the attached files there are : 1. Fire in Sattala Slum .2. Seriously affected one woman workers . 3. Procession of the NGWF .

Press secretary
National Garment Workers Federation ( NGWF )

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