Message to Domino’s

I/We support the basic demands of Domino’s Australia Delivery Drivers:

1.The basic rate of pay must always be at least equivalent to the national safety net minimum wage prescribed by FWA which will include casual loading to casual employees. For an adult driver of 21 years & over this would currently be basic rate of $15.96 per hour + casual loading of 23 % = $3.67 giving a minimum wage of $19.63 per hour.

2.That notwithstanding anything else in any agreement, under no circumstances whatsoever will the minimum wage payable by Domino’s ever fall below the national prescribed minimum wage by FWA and that all employees engaged on a casual basis shall have the casual loading prescribed by FWA in the minimum wage safety net included in the minimum wage payable to any casual employee.

3.Payment of wages at the normal rate of pay (which will include casual loading to casual employees) shall be paid to all employees required to complete any training or attend any meeting whether that training or meeting is held in-store, via the Domino’s training website DOTTI or by any other means. Payment of wages will be made for the period of time taken by the employee to complete the training specified by Domino’s.

4.All tips received by drivers shall remain the sole property of the driver to whom they are given. At no time and under no circumstance will Domino’s ever be entitled to any tip money received by any driver.

5.All hours worked by any employee regardless of what employment status the employee may hold will be paid for by the employer Domino’s at the appropriate rate of pay. This will include all hours worked before, during and after any trading hours of any store.

6.That Domino’s agrees to make good faith progress with workers towards including all casual staff to public holiday rates equivalent in ratio to those entitlements currently received by full-time, and part-time employees to the extent that by 2014, all casual workers including drivers be paid at the rate of double-time for all hours of work performed on public holidays.

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