Is it only the destitute that have dignity? – By Triixcay.

It has been expressed by a few that they do not sympathize with those choosing to reclaim their dignity in Europe, as we are not yet destitute and therefore we should be grateful for what we already have.

So basically, those at the bottom who are repressed and exploited to support those at the top should shut up and be grateful that they receive the few crumbs of wealth flicked at them. Maybe it is the European (or more precisely English disease),of being ‘too polite’ to rise up.

I personally do not know which is more insulting- to be told that it is normal to have to deal with the state being able to dictate when and on which terms you will receive the benefits that are generated from your own work or being told that you only have the right to speak up when the state represses you fully and you become destitute like our brothers and sisters in the developing world, as a result of capitalism gone too far. The struggle is international, not only confined to the most destitute among us.

Instead of society rejecting this completely, individuals have been fooled that of course a minority should suffer- that it is necessary- as long as they personally are not being affected. The state’s inhumane criminality is once again justified,and in this case the theft is legal. The organised violence defending these actions is termed as moral. Well at least now we can applaud the brainwashing techniques applied no doubt by propagandists. Who knows, maybe they are advised by psychologists? ‘Hmm, what should we serve up today, that will inevitably lead to our clueless citizens handing over yet more of their self-worth?’

The same people who convince us it is necessary to hand over your life and leave it in the possession of the government are the same people who convince you that it is necessary for our economy and Western civilization in itself to support the businesses who kill for profit.

Of course we should be proud that we are able to support our great nation when we take another sip from our Coke and another bite out of our Big Mac… ‘Mmm, the-blood-of-exploited-workers-who-have-been-shot-in-order-to-provide-me-with-this-burger..’ in all honesty McDonalds and Coke, apart from the fact that they are not particularly healthy, is still tasty, but it doesn’t mean people need to be killed or treated inhumanely in order for us to be able to enjoy these things. It sounds a bit stupid hearing,’15 workers today killed for a cheeseburger’, but then that is the reality. The funny thing is that this exploitation isn’t just another Oxfam/Africa/Poor brown person thing in a faraway magical land , every time you eat or drink from these companies you are not exactly doing your own body any good either. But each to their own, I can’t really lecture on that…

At the end of the day profit does not know morality.

Many have suggested that if this country is in so much debt,why are we still lending money to other nations, surely we should use the money in our own countries? Alas, if we do that how will he nice corporate executives continue to fund their Christmas holidays? As one idiot said to me, the rich have ‘become accustomed to their lifestyles’ therefore they cannot be expected to go without. But the rest of the population can be. If these people are not cashing in on the high interest rates paid back by these already indebted countries, who are in debt in the first place due to deliberate exploitation by the elitists in their own countries, TNCs, bankers and their own corrupt leaders. At the end of the day, can a state really be a state if it is not innately corrupted at all?

I get the impression that some government officials feel as if they should get a pat on the back when they announce the amount of funding they have ‘donated to the underprivileged’.How nice of you to forget that it is because of your own deliberate actions that the underprivileged are underprivileged in the first place. People do not choose to be poor, no matter what crap the media feeds you, they are forced into that predicament and it is theft. Of course we are told people are poor because they are lazy, strange then that the majority of those receiving some kind of income related benefit are actually in work. But obviously that’s because they are ‘scroungers’… we ourselves also seem to conveniently forget that it is due to us buying goods and no challenging the means by which they have been made , which has resulted in global poverty. We are all human, since when was one person born with the right to dictate and determine the course of another’s life? We are all capable and entitled to live without fear of repression and poverty resulting from another who is most likely the same as us.

We cannot eat money, but we can take it and use it for the collective good, not just individual gain.

As long as there is permanent government, there will be inequality And as long as there is inequality there will be violent unrest.And as long as there is violent unrest, there will be justified resistance from the ‘minority’. World peace will not be achieved when leaders of countries are inciting citizens to go to war against one another at the click of their fingers.

The state doesn’t serve and protect you. The police do not serve and protect you. The majority of laws do not serve and protect you. Guess who does serve and protects the interest of you and those around you? You.. (And those around you).

You cannot replace one form of governance with another and expect injustice to dissolve. The injustice will only dissolve when the central source of it is destroyed. Be it capitalist, communist or socialist,there is no just thing as a humane government. There will always be the rulers and the ‘peasants’. Someone will always bear the brunt to suffice another. If you are going to fight then fight for true freedom do not fight to be manipulated. The resistance begins now and once you taste freedom, once you experience the joy of breaking the barricades, be they physical or mental ties, you will be truly liberated from within.

I do not understand this inherent need of people feeling that they have to be controlled. There is a difference between mental chains and freedom of organisation. You do not need to be bullied by fear or militancy. You have a voice. You have a brain. Use it for the greater good. We are not dogs, we are born free humans. It is history that labels us. These labels are reinforced by socialization They put us into roles dictated by cultural norms. Do we fight to protect an education that uses us for economic gain or for one which truly educates us as free beings? Only you have the right to step outside of the box, but yet we seem to continually chose to allow ourselves to be thrown back in. why wait until the right is eventually taken away from you by force?

‘We are the guardians of freedom!’ Yes, I’m sure this is what the soldiers will be shouting when they turn on the citizens of the very nation they claim to defend on the orders of the government. Or will they resist? Should we wait to find out? Should you wait to be conscripted?

I am not a ‘hippie’ (actually this may or may not be disputed),but neither am I blinded by lies. We should not be fighting for the restoration of an old system; we should fight to build something new out of what is already at our disposal. We should fight for true democracy. Not democracy imposed by a politician who doesn’t do your job, who doesn’t look after your kids or who doesn’t pay your bills, yet seems to have all the control when it comes to making these decisions. Nor should it be imposed by a leader claiming to fight on your behalf when you are quite clearly able to voice your own opinions.

The power doesn’t lie in just the ‘adults’ or the learned university scholars. It lies in the youth. In any regime, it is made sure that the youth are educated in a way to benefit the elitist.

I cannot sit back and watch others like myself and in my position fall into a trap and remain silent.It is not right.

I am not here to enforce my views on others, neither am I here to sit back and be described as ‘the working class monstrosity that complements anarchy’ (Yes Lenin can also be remixed as well).

What confuses me is why anarchy is so feared and considered a ‘monstrosity’ but ‘legal warfare’ and starvation is not? Perhaps we should go back to the Oxford Dictionary on this one. In a system where you are educated that anarchy=chaos, should we really be surprised? Why does the removal of an exploitative state and all forms of hierarchical exploitation i.e. patriarchy, racism etc. seem to equal chaos? Chaos for who exactly? The tyrants advocating it Those who have their illegal profit removed? The leaders who want to use it to their gain? Politicians such as Nick Griffin openly incite racism, yet they are not arrested under the guise of ‘free speech’. This current system accepts racist propaganda as the norm, yet all forces are deployed when challenged by a protester in a wheelchair. Are the alarm bells not ringing yet?

‘But all anarchists are hooligans’. Right. If it is hooliganism to directly challenge TNCs who exploit humans for money, to detest politicians who lie and shamelessly kill for gain, to build communities of freedom and to smash corporate building that are the epicentres of these activities then I am a proud ‘hooligan’ and supporter of fellow ‘hooligans’. It is a sad day when citizens mourn the shards of glass that fall from the building that indirectly maims them spiritually and financially. These organisations do not give a crap about you. To them you are a statistic.

I do not know what the future holds and I am pessimistic about the thought of a ‘ glorious revolution’ this revolution will not occur unless insurrectionary action begins to take place. There is no magical set date, it begins now. We cannot follow books word for word, we have to evolve and implement new ideas.

You don’t have to be dressed in black; the only requirement is to be able to think freely.

It is natural to feel scared and uncertain when you let go and begin to question everything you were ever taught. But at the end of the day, which is better? To compromise because you were scared or to take a chance at something that could be beautiful?

Your liberation needs YOU.

Why should you wait until you become part of an urban underclass before you rebel?

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