Extremism – By Mal Content

Extremism is a word used so often as to be virtually meaningless; I’ve been called an ‘extremist’ myself a few times, I’m passionate about what I do and believe in. If I were half-hearted about something I wouldn’t bother with it.

However, I do consider the following points of view to be extreme:

  • That one person’s working day is worth 1000 times as much as another’s.
  • That the site of a person’s birth should determine their treatment by their fellow human beings in any particular location.
  • That a few hundred people can determine how several million people should live.
  • That it’s acceptable to kill indiscriminately in pursuit of an ideology or material advantage.
  • That a hypothesis, for which there is no evidence, and on which there is no consensus, is worth fighting for or against.
  • That one person can hold another to account for their thoughts and emotional responses.

So not believing in capitalism, nationalism, government, warfare, religion and formal relationships makes me a moderate, really.

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