The influence of anti-democratic forces on the democratic process. – By Mal Content.

The piece that follows was written just before the last election; re-posted here in the context of the organisation DEMOS specifically advertising for members of the EDL to take part in a survey. In my view this lends legitimacy to a sinister organisation that recruits the politically and socially naive under false pretences. What these mugs are being sold is a primitive form of integralist-fascism; but the far-right lunatics behind the EDL deliberately avoid presenting any coherent ideology beyond a silly jingoism and fear of ‘radical Islam’ – which has miniscule support even in predominately Muslim areas. Remember they don’t have to win any votes, just make a lot of noise; this is the new strategy of the right following the implosion of the B.N.P. Whilst the EDL builds up the Muslim extremists, DEMOS and the other liberal media build up the EDL.

A ruling class intent on repression wins both ways, dividing the working class and scaring the liberal voter into supporting their agenda. Fascism has been described as ‘pre-emptive counter revolution’. Rather than trying to analyse EDL supporters, we would be better off to carry on taking the piss out of them and physically resisting them where necessary. When I wrote the last paragraph, I hadn’t anticipated a Tory government throwing away the independence of the judiciary on a populist whim.

The influence of anti-democratic forces on the democratic process.

I have observed a sort of symbiotic relationship between mainstream politics, the media, and neo-fascist organisations such as the B.N.P., E.D.L. etc. The latter have succeeded in shifting the ‘centre ground’ in British politics to the far right in recent years, by promoting misinformation about immigrants. This is eagerly taken up by the gutter press, who also give them free publicity by banging on about the threat from the far right. Of course the newspaper proprietors know full well that a significant proportion of their readership are equally xenophobic, it sells papers, and they perpetuate it for that reason.

Similarly the political mainstream can use the threat of electoral fascism to scare you into voting for them. “If you don’t vote the BNP will get in” Personally I’d rather deal with that lot on the street, we’ve seen them off enough times before. Which brand of xenophobia would you prefer?

The misconception that newcomers receive preferential treatment is almost universal amongst the indigenous population. In fact 1.8% of council tenants have been here less than 5 years. The parties promise to get tough on illegal immigrants, but 85% of people who come here have an absolute right to do so because of European integration, which we were all told we had to vote for. Of the rest, many clearly deserve asylum because their refugee status is a direct or indirect consequence of western imperialism over the years. Globalisation of capital means globalisation of labour, like it or not.

So mainstream parties have to pander to this crap, the phrase ‘British jobs for British workers’ is an old national front slogan from the 80s taken up by Gordon Brown recently. Racism has never been more fashionable; for the first time since I was a very young boy I hear politicians refer to ‘white people’ as if they were a distinct cultural group – except the people they’re aiming at all smoke weed, eat kebabs and listen to hip hop. What nonsense!

There is no doubt that if democracy merely followed public opinion, we would have a death penalty and permit discrimination against minorities. Our legal system would impose penalties proportional not to the severity of the crime, but its notoriety.

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