The George Inn, Weymouth – suspension of premiss licence.

The premises has been the subject of intensive intelligence gathering since the beginning of the summer when it was suspected that drug use, and the availability of drugs was associated with the pub, it was also suspected that members of staff were involved in the sale and supply of those drugs.

Over the course of several months, undercover police officers conducted test purchase operations, and on numerous occasions, both class A and Class B drugs were purchased inside the premises, both from members of staff, and from dealers who were known to staff. Drug use was also taking place inside the pub, much of the time, in full view of staff. On the evening of Thursday 25th October, a police operation took place and the premises was raided under the Misuse of Drugs Act. 7 arrests were made, including those involved in the management of the venue.

On Friday 26th October, Dorset Police applied to the council for a summary review of the premises licence under the Licensing Act 2003, requesting that, due to serious crime, the licence should be suspended immediately, thereby closing the premises down. The Licensing Committee, made up of local councillors, agreed with the police and suspended the licence with immediate effect. The premises is now closed.

There may be another hearing this week, if the premises licence holder decides to appeal the decision of the licensing committee.

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  1. I find it unfair that three innocent people loss respect and there home because of one persons tragic addiction. This is people lives. I feel let the owners make a fresh start new name with newly trained staff.

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