Welcome to the ‘new’ Wessex Solidarity blog! Updated:

WSolGreetings comrades!

As we got unceremoniously kicked off wordpress dot com on Tuesday night this is our new home. We were locked out of our account for an alleged violation of terms of service; no explanation has been forthcoming from WP so fuck ’em.

It looks a fucking awful mess because we can’t access our content, and had to import an xtml file from August (the latest one is just a little too big.)

So we’ve just taken this strange new space, everything’s in boxes, some of it’s missing or broken and there’s junk we should probably have thrown out, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, it’s because we can’t either!

The links page seems to be intact and we will re-build the reference library, the links were all imported without the media content. Most of it still exists somewhere, spread around on various computers, social media and storage devices so please bear with us while we sort it all out. We owe a huge debt to Hastings Anarchists who have archived our posts for a couple of years now!

Links to nested pages have mostly been repaired; we’ll work on the ‘squeaky hinge principle’  and  prioritise  whatever people ask for. Meantime  if you need a  document just e mail us. and we’ll send it to you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

We’re back!

If you’re reading this please share the link widely on social media and update your sites’ link pages. Cheers.