3M Game Making

This is the home page for the 3M Game Making framework that is being developed and researched by Mick Chesterman:

Hi there! I wanted a place that I should share the game making resources that I’m creating and a place to share some of the fruits of the research that I am doing with families and in classrooms about a project-based approach to coding and game making. Bear with me while I get this site up and running:

Methods to draw on funds of knowledge

Arcades are a source of stories that you can draw on when starting game making with families – especially with parents.
Knowledge of retro games especially classic platform games is a great fund of game design patterns that learners can leverage in planning stages.

Drama and physical methods

The physical connection of making your own arcade machine for others to play your game one can be very engaging.
Injecting drama into your main game making mission can really help motivate learners and explore wider digital issues.