I am known in Capoeira as Colorida, I’m a student of Prof. Bombril at Capoeira Academy UK based in London – part of Grupo Muzenza de Capoeira.

My nickname, meaning “Colourful” comes from the fact that I was a tattoo artist. Therefore, used to draw a lot and also have plenty of tattoos on me.

This blog is about sharing with you, my journey in Capoeira – from zero to wherever it takes me…and everything I learn in between!

Muito Axé camaradas!


As a Capoeira student, the ideias expressed herein are my own and do not represent any absolute Truth, nor the ideas or philosophy(ies) of my teacher(s), school or group. The information shared in this blog is subject to change and or, update as I learn or new discoveries are made. Since I am only a Human being I may commit mistakes, but I will also have the opportunity to change my mind or opinion on any given subject as more knowledge is absorbed and more experiences are lived.  

Just as in Life…

So, thank you very much for your patience and please know that your constructive corrections are also very welcome! ;)