Who Were The Spies?

This page is under construction.  Further profiles will be added In due course.

Jim Boyling was a undercover officer from the SDS who used the alias Jim Sutton to infiltrate animal rights, enivronmental and anti-capitalist groups from 1995 to 2000.

Christine Green was the alias of an SDS agent who was deployed from January 1995 to early 2000 in the animal rights movement, especially LAA. She was the replacement for Andy Coles who quit LAA one month after she arrived. Like Coles she lived in Streatham and mainly spied on activists in south London. Her address was: Flat one, 18 Farm Avenue, Streatham, SW16 2UT. She had a mobile phone, a rarity in those days.

She could seem cold and aloof and initially attracted suspicion but quickly became a core member of LAA. After Matt Rayner left the group she became its treasurer. Green attended nearly all the group’s meetings, both public ones and planning meetings in the office. Like all SDS agents she had a van and she drove activists to the 1997 World Lab Animal Day demo at Consort in Hertfordshire, where there was a riot.  She was also very involved in hunt sabbing.

Green is the only identified female agent from the Met. In their book Undercover Rob Evan and Paul Lewis say “women were rarely recruited to the SDS. Insiders describe the unit as macho and competitive.” She later began a relationship with a prominent hunt saboteur before announcing in 2000 that she was going abroad. It is believed the two of them reunited when she returned as they were seen together on a number of occasions up until about 2011. They are rumoured to be living in Scotland but this is unconfirmed. Please contact ARspycatcher@riseup.net if you have any information.

Matt Rayner was the alias of an SDS agent who was deployed from November 1991 for five years. He mainly spied on London Boots Action Group (LBAG) and LAA. Although there were initially suspicions about him, he quickly became a trusted and popular member of the movement and used his van to transport people to protests and for sabbing. In 1993 he drove to Aintree for the Grand National when the race was abandoned due to activists occupying the course.  Geoff Sheppard was sentenced to seven years in 1995 and is now appealing on the grounds that Rayner “deliberately encouraged him to take more serious direct

action…and to commit crimes he had been initially unwilling to carry out.” Bob Lambert (see below), Rayner’s manager, had also spied on Geoff in the 1980s.  Rayner enjoyed socialising, always having a birthday drink, and was even filmed taking part in a play at a garden party. In 1996 he moved to France to work for a wine company. Friends visited him there but after several months he wrote saying he was relocating to work in Argentina.  After a few more letters he was never heard from again. As a result of knowing his date of birth, activists were able to prove he was a spy who stole the identity of a child who died in 1972


Andy Coles aka Davey infiltrated the animal rights movement from November 1991 to February 1995. Known as “Andy Van”, he joined London Boots Action Group and went sabbing with Brixton Hunt Saboteurs. He was based in Streatham, south London, and had a reputation as “creepy” and “a lech” because of his inappropriate behaviour towards women. He had IT skills, began producing LBAG’s newsletter in 1993, and in 1994 transfered the group’s membership list to his computer. The same year he was involved in setting up London Animal Rights Coalition.

In early 1995 he said he was moving abroad to teach English. An activist friend received a letter from Budapest in January 1996 after which he was never heard from again. In February 2017 it was revealed that Andy Coles, Tory councillor for Peterborough and deputy police and crime commissioner for Cambs, was Andy Davey. An activist named Jessica (not her real name) said they’d begun an intimate relationship when she was just 19 and she felt groomed by him as he claimed to be 24, when he was really 32 and married. Coles resigned as DPCC but has otherwise refused to comment on the matter.


John Dines aka Barker was Lambert’s replacement in London Greenpeace, joining in October 1987. He was involved in squatting, anti-poll tax campaigning and the anarchist scene in north London, as well as animal rights. Dines drove protesters to demonstrations such as  one against Sun Valley Chickens in Herefordshire, where he was supposedly arrested, and went hunt sabbing. In 1991 he threw a bag of flour during a picket of the Horse & Hound Ball but Geoff Sheppard was arrested by mistake. A few months later he he gave went to Geoff’s trial and may have given evidence. Geoff was convicted.

In 1990 he began an intimate relationship with Helen Steel which lasted until he disappeared in March 1992, feigning a mental crisis. Helen spent nearly 20 years trying to find him until she discovered he was an undercover officer in 2010. In March 2016 she confronted him in Australia where he works at a police training school and is course director for a training program for Indian police officers.


Bob Lambert aka Robinson, the second known spycop, was deployed from 1984-88. He infiltrated Islington Animal Rights, London Greenpeace and the Animal Liberation Front. Like nearly all SDS agents he drove a van which was used to ferry activists to and from demonstrations. One of them was Jacqui with whom he started a relationship. In late 1985 their son was born. While in London Greenpeace he co-wrote the What’s Wrong With McDonald’s factsheet which would later be the subject of a libel trial. He also produced the leaflet You are the ALF and a booklet called The London ALF News. He claimed to be a staunch advocate of direct action and told activists he had broken the law. Geoff Sheppard and Andrew Clarke are appealing their conviction for arson

against Debenhams in 1987 due to Lambert being part of the ALF cell. Paul Gravett says he told him he had planted an incendiary device at Selfridges department store in August 1988. Later that year he allegedly left the country while on the run from the police. In reality he stayed in Special Branch and later became operations manager of the SDS, supervising other spies.


The Special Demonstrations Squad began spying on the animal rights movement in the early 1980s. Mike Chitty aka Blake was the first spy deployed by the unit. In spring 1983 he rented a bedsit in Balham and joined South London Animal Movement. SLAM was very active locally against vivisection, fur and Battersea Zoo but Chitty remained on the sidelines, only doing the odd

stint of leafletting. He was in SDS parlance a “shallow paddler”. His deployment ended in 1987 but he continued to see members of the group on a social basis for another seven years and tried to rekindle a relationship he’d had with an activist. In 1994 he crashed his car on Worthing Pier and abandoned it after apparently suffering a mental breakdown. The following year Chitty sued the Met for £50,000 due to the “psychiatric affects resulting from the stress of his police duties between 1982 and 1992”. The case was dropped, he was awarded a sickness pension and moved to South Africa.