Psychosis or Info Portal?

Racing thoughts, paranoia, pressured speech, delusional thoughts, hallucinations and anxiety. Mental health? or a gateway to the multi-dimensional information portal of universal consciousness? Medical professionals will say mental health and historical traumatic incidents that triggered such events. Usually in most cases initiating A-typical or typical psychotropic medication to suppress the symptoms alongside the option of psycho-social interventions.

But what if? what if these symptoms are the result of a different level of access to the multi-dimensional realm? However due to long term conditioning through generations, the brain is unable to manage this in a controlled way, thus resulting in variable levels of chaos in the individuals mind. The brain acting as the gatekeeper for information.

It has always been said that psychoactive substances open the mind, once open you have accessibility to other realms that stays with you. By allowing more information to be accessed yet unable to handle an information overload, does this result in medics diagnosing drug induced psychosis? What if a person has never used substances? Through meditation and other natural awakening techniques they have achieved a new level of consciousness, but display similar symptoms? Are psychotropic medications just another way of suppressing the awakened nation? Just a thought!

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