Barnardo’s Day of Action: résumé

Thanks to all who got involved!

Hundreds of leaflets were disseminated to passers-by, customers, volunteers and staff at Barnardo’s charity shops in Oxford and Glasgow.

Barnardo’s Glasgow branch picketed

Unity and No Borders protest Barnardo’s

Many leaflets were handed out to passers-by

The Cardiff Barnardo’s shop had its locks glued to cause disruption to services, while a visit to their head offices in Barkingside simply to hand out some leaflets led staff to lock their front doors and use another exit (what are they really afraid of?!). Many potentially sympathetic staff took leaflets and were encouraged to take a stand against the charity’s involvement in Cedars.

Meanwhile, it was clear that Barnardo’s were being plagued by phone calls throughout the day, as one exasperated member of staff was assigned to deal with members of the public asking the charity why they hadn’t withdrawn from Cedars, as agreed, given that its ‘red lines’ have been repeatedly broken.

The funders were emailed, and celebrity endorsers tweeted at and informed about Barnardo’s role in detaining children.

Thanks to everyone who got involved, but remember, its never too late to take action. Browse this site for ideas on how you can help end child detention.


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