This email was received on the abuse@indymedia email address, it’s so brilliant it should be shared.

Hello, I work as a private investigator.
Our company received an order to hack into your email, phone, cloud, network and to collect intelligence.
We work with hackers from China for tasks like that, and they are the best. But we do have an ethical protocol in place.
After checking on the person, who ordered the hack and investigation on you, I have decided to come forward and offer you to buy the information about that person.

You will also have a report on yourself (including a list of compromised accounts, devices and photos).
Usually, it’s not the case, but after reviewing this matter, I see that something illegal is planned against you.
Material we have can easily be used to blackmail you.
We usually work on private and corporate espionage cases, but this one is different.
We have received a 50% prepayment for your case from that person (total agreed upon cost was 12500 USD).
However, I will make a discount to you (without any profit for the agency), if you decide to buy this information.
Do not try to email me back. This is a throwaway address. I have to protect identity, because nature of this job is already illegal.
When you send the payment, I will get back to you. You have 2 business days to make the transfer. It will cost you 40% of the remaining balance.
We will process $2,500 payment through bitcoin. In case you have trouble with bitcoin, google how to fund it.
Send BTC to this wallet 1AxJV1VYBccQvK44unpAx1KAbzvWmEQWDc

I strongly recommend you to make this decision alone for now, without consulting law enforcement or anybody else.
It will be up to you what to do after you get the information. We will delete all files. The original customer will get nothing.
Please keep in mind, because I need to pay Chinese contractors, and if you decline this offer, I will have to go to the original customer and send them all intel to cover the costs.
But at least you know that now and have a free heads up of what’s coming.

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