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They are about the latest on Protonmail, an email provider that advertises itself as a privacy guarantor.

According to Protonmail’s own statement,

“under Swiss law, Proton can be forced to collect information on accounts belonging to users under Swiss criminal investigation”

ProtonMail then can be forced to keep logs. It does not say it is forced to keep logs.

“This is obviously not done by default, but only if Proton gets a legal order for a specific account.”

It implies but does not say if ProtonMail did get a legal order for a specific account.

“We only comply with legally binding orders from Swiss authorities.” The word ‘only’ can be taken off without changing the core meaning of the sentence.

“Under current Swiss law, email and VPN are treated differently, and ProtonVPN cannot be compelled to log user data.” Therefore ProtonMail can. Otherwise it would have to read simply ‘Proton’, like in other paragraphs.

“We only know that the order for data from the Swiss government came through channels typically reserved for serious crimes.”

From these paragraphs it can only be inferred that the Swiss authorities requested email logs and these were granted.

There is a simple way to not have to give logs to the authorities: don’t keep them.


Protonmail has snitched on one of their users, activists who were subsequently arrested by the cops, by providing IP and web browser information, confirming they keep that in their logs.

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When signing up for an email provider, ask what logs are kept.

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