Bolanle and her children urgently need your help
Bolanle Ojulari is a pregnant mother with children aged 2 and 4. She is
currently in hospital in Swansea after being admitted with bleeding,
stomach pains and being unable to keep food down.
Bolanle contaced No Borders South Wales to ask for help to stop her being
forcibly removed on Monday 3rd November to Nigeria on British Airways
flight 0075, Heathrow to Lagos at 13:40pm.
She wishes to fight this deportation and needs our support urgently.
Bolanle came to the UK in 2005 after fleeing Nigeria. She is from the
state of Zamfara which was the first state in Nigeria to introduce strict
Sharia (Islamic) laws in 2000. Bolanleā€™s father had arranged for her to be
married. However, she was forced to escape from Nigeria after she became
pregnant by a different man and was threatened with punishment as she was
not married.
Under Zamfara Sharia Law section 126, a woman who has sex outside of
marriage will be punished by 100 lashes and one year of imprisonment. If a
woman commits adultery she will be sentenced to being stoned to death.
None of the family have had anti-malaria medication, which government
guidelines state should be given to those travelling to this region,
particularly young children and pregnant women.
Bolanle currently has NO legal representation. Please contact us if you
can help find her a solicitor.
Action is needed to stop this deportation:
1) Write to/Fax British Airways using the model letter asking that they do
not take part in this removal:
Fax: 020 8759 4314 (0044 20 8759 4314 if you are faxing from outside UK).
Email: willie.walsh@ba.com
2) Telephone British Airways to raise your objection to their part in
facilitating this forced removal:
-Reservations and general enquiries: 0844 493 0 787,  06:00-20:00 daily
-Customer Relations 0844 493 0 787, Fax: +44 (0)20 8759 4314:
Monday-Friday 08:00-18:30
-Raise your concern with their Passenger Medical Clearance Unit that
Bolanle is not fit to fly due to health complications which meant she was
recently hospitalised and the family have not had essential anti-malaria
Tel: +44 (0)20 8738 5444, Fax:+44 (0)20 8738 9644
3) Write to/ Fax the Home Secretary using this model letter:
Fax: 020 8760 3132 (00 44 20 8760 3132 if you are faxing from outside UK)
Tel: 020 7035 4848
e-mail: public.enquiries@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk

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