Response to ISM call out from Bristol No Borders

Bristol No Border acknowledges the call to action received from ISM Gaza following the indefinate closure of the Rafah borders in February 2009.

Bristol No Borders condems the closure of the borders at Rafah which prevents the movement of people, food, aid and other essential supplies and which serves to imprison and repress the population of Gaza. These closures are a stark example of what all borders are set up to acheive – the control and repression of populations and the artificial division of people.

No Borders acts in solidarity with all those who are fighting to break the siege and stop the border control in Gaza. We call for collective action and practical solidarity with the people of Gaza. No Borders rejects all forms of nationalism and state based ‘solutions’. Ethnicity does not grant “rights” to lands, which require the state to enforce them. People, however, have a right to ensure their human needs are met, and should be able to live where they choose, freely.

Controls such as checkpoints, walls, barriers and borders, which exist throughout the occupied territories, are denying the fundemental right of freedom of movement to the Palestinian people and causing immense
suffering to the population caged inside them.

We call for the immediate removal of all such barriers and demand the right to freedom of movement for all people. Bristol No Borders is committed to taking direct action action against companies based in our
locality that are directly profiting from this system of control and oppression. We urge other groups to take similar action.

In solidarity
Bristol No Borders

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