80 activists blockade detention centre in Belgium

belgian-blockade1On the 11th of april 2009 eighty activists blocked the gate of the Steenokkerzeel detention centre in (Belgium). The action started at 5:30 AM, when activists from across the country found their way through the fields surrounding the detention centre, and blocked the gates. The action ended around 11:30 AM when the last activists were removed by the police.

Because of the blockade, no refugees could be taken to the airport, no refugees could be brought to the closed detention centre. Around six o’clock the activists found out that the first deportation planned that day was cancelled and another policevan with a refugee on board, couldn’t leave the centre. The police was present after ten minutes, but had a lot of problems to find the right equipement to release people from the lock-ons.

After the action police  ID checked the activists, eight people remained anonymous and were held in the police station for 12 hours after being released.

more info see http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2009/04/427417.html

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