Calais Update – Monday 20/7

_45562757_jungle2_226NEW INFO LINES If you are coming to Calais to show solidarity and want information call
0033 668 595765 (english) or 0033 630 225982 (french and spanish)

Latest information from activists on the ground in Calais

*Monday 20 July 2009 (12:10pm) Police in private meeting with mayor

*Monday 20 July 2009 (11:20am) Police have stated at meeting with humanitarian associations there will be no clearances this week. Some associations are accepting this, others are not so sure.
Police have refused to provide showers for migrants as demanded by humanitarian associations who are ready to provide them now.
Implication could be that police do not want to have any property of these associations on the site if and when police destroy the jungle. ‘This is a cynical and undignified move by police’ say solidarity activists.

*Monday 20 July 2009 (8:45am) Demo outside meeting; Tunefull megaphone singing “there is no dignity in a crime against humanity” referring to immigration minister Besson saying destruction of the jungle woud ony happen with “dignity”. Other banners read-

Arrests, Detentions,Expulsions? Indignation!

* Monday 20 July 2009 (8:45am) News due soon about meeting between chief of police and Calais humanitarian associations. A demonstration is taking place outside venue now encouraging them not to collaborate.

Chalked entrance to sub prefects office (police station), CalaisChalked entrance to sub prefects office (police station), Calais
Banners outside Sub Prefect's office this morningBanners outside Sub Prefect’s office this morning

Members of the various Calais humanitarian associations working with migrants in Calais are meeting with the Prefect and Sub Prefect (chiefs of police) in Calais.

Outside the police station some people from these associations and members of Calais Witnesses, Calais Migrant Solidarity and No Borders are demonstrating noisily, warning against collaboration with the authorities. More news when we find out what the meeting was told by the police.

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