No Borders Round-Up 6/03/10 UK, EU, China


A High Court judge Justice Collins ruled that the 72-hour notice period before being removed from the UK for adults should also be applied to children. The ruling came in a judicial review surrounding the UK Border Agency’s treatment of two unaccompanied asylum seeker children, aged 15 and 16. The case highlighted just how heartless the UK asylum system is.

One of the girls was put on a flight to Italy without notice and was unable to contact a lawyer or social worker. On arrival in Italy she was kept in cell for several hours before being left destitute. The other girl was taken from her foster carer’s home in handcuffs but was stopped from being put on a plane to Italy at the eleventh hour after she managed to contact her solicitor. They are really scum.

BAE Systems – Are EU Taking the Piss?

Meanwhile,  in a unusual foray into  satire,  the EU have awarded  UK arms manfacturer, BAE systems who recently agreed a Transatlantic government pay-off to end bribery and corruption investigations, a €2.3 million contract to develop a “Strategic crime and immigration information management system” (SCIIMS) for the European Union. I guess they know all about Strategic Crimes, and cause migration through there weapons programmes.
Migrants in China
There are 230 million Chinese migrant workers. They have less rights than those who are native their city of residence. They are denied a range of social services from unemployment and health insurance to free schooling. Unpaid wages are another common injustice against the migrant worker in China, as it is across the world. One such worker, Ye Kaiguo, who was unable to obtain his unpaid wages detonated an explosive outside the county government building on Feb. 16 in northwestern China’s Shaanxi Province.

Mr. Ye had been appealing to the county government to pay his withheld salary of 2800 RMB (US$411). Local residents say that one of the four pillars in front of the government building was torn away, some windows and doors of the building were broken, and the explosion caused varying degrees of damage to adjacent structures.

In many cases, officials from local regimes are backing employers who deny wages to migrant workers. On Feb. 1, over 40 migrant workers appealed for unpaid wages at the provincial government offices in the capital city of Shaanxi Province. They were intercepted by police. Workers claim that the Communist Party Chief of the local Beilin District owns the construction company that refused to pay their wages.

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