Freedom not Frontex

Bremen, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Rhein-Main, 8th of March 2011

Dear friends,
the impressive movements of revolt in the Arab world and the downfall of the dictators in
North Africa produced a problem for the externalised EU border regime: they now lack
their watchdogs. The question of an increased repressive migration control through the
European border agency Frontex has been discussed in politics and media for the last
days. In this vein, we believe it urgent to press for the demand of freedom of movement,
made by refugees and migrants, and position ourselves against the dying and suffering at
the external borders.

The three anti-racist networks afrique-europe-interact, welcome to europe and network of
critical migration and border regime research have agreed to pusblish this joint
statement under the titel „freedom not frontex“.

We would like to spread this statement as fast and as wide as possible, so we ask if your
networks, organisations and initiatives as well as individuals want to sign. Please send
a short message to

The statement and the signatures will be published on the websites of our networks. We
will also inform you about further steps.

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