Young People Seeking Safety

Bristol Defend the Asylum Seekers Campaign, Bristol Refugee Rights and the South West TUC invite you to an afternoon of discussion, drama, music and poetry, to a conference that will bring together campaigners, refugees and community and support groups, to share experiences and information and to make Bristol a safer place for young people seeking refuge here.

Saturday 14 May Easton Community Centre Doors open at 11.30am. Till 5pm

The opening session starts at 12.30pm and will be introduced by Liz Fekete of the Institute of Race Relations, whose publications include ‘The Deportation Machine’, ‘They Are Children Too’ and ‘A Suitable Enemy: racism, migration and Islamophobia in Europe’ and Jo Wilding, human rights activist, author and barrister specialising in immigration and asylum cases, who frequently represents unaccompanied child asylum seekers. Flyer for conference_LOWThere will be practical workshops, poetry, analysis and panel discussions bringing together different groups from across Bristol.

Admission is free. The vegetarian lunch will cost £3 to those with an income The event will end at 5pm For more info The emphasis is on young people so please bear that in mind, but of course this includes people who came here as unaccompanied asylum seekers and are now in limbo and facing destitution and deportation, and also the young people in families that are being detained and deported and whose parents are facing restrictions to ESOL and the hostility and scapegoating from sections of the media and some politicians.  Download the flyer here: Flyer for conference_LOW



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