The Crime of Existence

Just another UKBA news release: “Suspected bogus student arrested in Solihull”.  This Perhaps conjures up an image of someone pretending to enjoy getting blotto on low quality alcohol & listening to mediocre indie music. However, the truth  is less amusing, and in fact tragic. I don’t  know this man, aged 26, – lets call him “Jack” who was living in the West Midlands and apparently born in South Asia. He allegedly  forged a document – saying he had a University certificate he didn’t earn –  just like Jeffrey Archer.

The immediate conclusion to jump to was that he wanted to stay in  the UK to earn money – and was working “illegally” in the UK. Perhaps not though, maybe it was love that drew him here? Though he would have been disappointed to know that even if his theoretica amore had British Citizenship, he still wouldn’t have been able to settle here unless s/he earned over £25,000 a year. Perhaps it was neither money or love – maybe he just had very overbearing parents and wanted to leave home? In any case what ever the reason, he now is remanded in prison until July 25th where he will stand before a British Crown Court charged with deception. If you think that’s ok, your an idiot.



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