EDL & Labour Party – Plague on both yr houses

“The English Defence League (EDL) has attacked the Labour Party for supporting “rent-a-mobs” in advance of the group’s march in Bristol tomorrow… the group was expecting trouble from “idiotic communist types…who wanted to provoke a violent confrontation.”

Other than the plain absurdity of the EDL accusing other groups, not to mention the idea of the spineless local Labour party of causing trouble, (or being “communists”!) those with a political awareness which is more than five minutes old will recognize a deeper irony.
Of course, it was the Labour Government that launched the “War on Terror” in the shape of the illegal wars on Afghanistan & Iraq which cost not only cost the lives of tens of thousands of civilians but also a substantial number of UK servicemen & women – the latter whom the EDL claim as one of their core constituencies. Further, it was the rhetoric deployed both by the  “Coalition” which started the anti-Muslim narrative that is current in the mainstream corporate press, which of course fed those racists who were looking for a ‘better’ vehicle than the BNP’s plain old Nazi nostalgia.
The fact that the EDL, are now using a less sophisticated version of the Islamophobic rubbish only used by our governing classes 6 or 7 years ago, while portraying themselves as some enemy of the ruling classes and at the same relaying their message is just too much irony for one paragraph.



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