The New Consensus: It’s okay to be Racist, It’s fine to hate the Poor

As we are told that Job centre Staff get Easter eggs as rewards for sanctioning claimants, we are reminded of the “grant monkey” that was placed on UKBA staffs’ desk as a humilation if they gave a asylum seeker leave to remain. Remember folks, that was during Labour’s mythical¬† “open door” immigration policy, which they must repenteth of every day.

Somehow Ukip have become the xenophobic policy pace setter, which the rest of the parties try to breathlessly catch up with. It’s easy to blame the Lib Dems and The Labour Party.

Mind you, that’s because it is their fault. Suddenly, the out of context, exaggarated and exceptional “Criminal Immigrants in Mansions on Housing Benefit funded Cannabis Factory”¬† type Daily Mail stories have become policy primers for all three parties, and apparently We, “the public” are swallowing it.

The facts. Don’t bother with the facts. Just keep lying and believing the lies.





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