Post/Trans-humanism: Cyborgs and Becoming-Woman

This is a homunculus. It’s a representation of the human model where size equals the amount of neuron activity/quantity of nerves. I think it’s also a funny way to understand difference and representation. As well as some important concepts to do with the critical evaluation of the ‘Human Subject’ and an emergent ontology. Such as; post/trans-humanism,… Continue reading Post/Trans-humanism: Cyborgs and Becoming-Woman

Theory of Bloom – An Interpretation

“Bloom must die! Kill Bloom!” “We may die. And this is what Hardt and Negri warn us must happen. We must destroy ‘ourselves’:“ In the definitions (or one of the definitions at least) of Bloom. In the active finding out of Bloom; who he is, what it does – is in the elimination of the/our… Continue reading Theory of Bloom – An Interpretation

Discourse of the Schizophrenic: Nietzsche’s Philosophy of Dance

I did not write Écrits in order for people to understand them, I wrote them in order for people to read them. Which is not even remotely the same thing. People don’t understand anything, that is perfectly true, for a while, but the writings do something to them. And this is why I would be… Continue reading Discourse of the Schizophrenic: Nietzsche’s Philosophy of Dance

Metaphysics & Reification:

In this, I wish to explore the movement of epistemology and history of philosophy, to look at a certain concept most associated with Georg Lukács. I believe this Marxist concept can be traced in its preconception to a debate between Absolute and Transcendental Idealism. Reification. With this, I want to try and show how reification… Continue reading Metaphysics & Reification: