Gatekeepers and Quipu (Khipu) Democracy

In Hidden in Plain View: A Secret Story of Quilts and the Underground Railroad, Tobin and Dobard point to what is essentially a Quipu made of fabric. The question is whether the gatekeepers of today will allow our modern quipus, ‘memoriathon’ quilts and oral histories to make a difference.

Quipu for Peru’s dead; Un Quipu por los muertos de Peru

A quipu made from stories collected and added as a knot for each story representing a victim in the ‘memoriathon’ to prevent the Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission from August 2003.

from PeacebyPeace magazine, p. 16-17 published by Fr

As an aside, which was posted back in 2007 on LiveJournal, I wonder (given that we know trade routes existed before the Spanish Conquest) if the art of making or interpreting the quipu was known up in north america, outside of the Incan


No pude encontrar traduccion de este articulo, pero se describe mas sobre el Khipu aqui:

Me pregunto si se puede saber (ya que sabemos que habia rutas de intercambio entre el sur y el norte de America antes del conquista de los espanyoles) si el arte del quipu fue conocido al norte del emperio Inca?

“Cancion para Pablo Neruda” – Atahualpa Yupanqi.

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