The next big thing

As far as the people who seemed to post what they saw and their opinions about on ‘eGroups’ were concerned, what had happened could have been the beginning of a revolution no less, and the smashing of the McDonald’s was only relevant to highlight how short-sighted the mass media were. Paula could see images of people gardening in Trafalgar Square that she had not seen, or would never see, in newspapers or magazines, and started to see a picture she would see for long after that: a mohican made of grass on top of Churchill’s statue’s head. Thanks to ‘eGroups’, she also learnt that the ‘next big thing’ would happen on the twenty-sixth of September in Prague.

Paula continued to read what people wrote but she was too shy to post anything. Eventually, shortly before the big date, a place and a date were posted. Big luck; it was actually a date ‘she’ could make: a Sunday.

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