About me

Beka Iglesias (Galiza, 1982). With a multidisciplinary background, my work focuses on biointerfaces, posthuman concepts, the dissolution of gender and telepresence as connective-magical device, always using free technologies, particularly creative code and arduino electronics.

My interactive performances and interactive digital media systems, my educational work and my participation in coordination team in art, science and technology summerlabs have been developed in different artistic production centers, museums, technological and cultural centers, universities and festivals as Medialab-Prado in Madrid, Hangar in Barcelona, ​​Laboral Art and Industrial Creation Center in Gijón, Universitat Autònoma in Barcelona, Galician universities, museums and labs, ​​Art Exhibition in World Haptics Conference in South Korea, Les Ancients Abbattoirs in Casablanca, Tabakalera Contemporary Culture Centre in San Sebastian,  ZAWP in Bilbo , Center for Art and Architecture in Guimarães for the European Capital of Culture, FabLabEDP in Lisbon and  Fabacademy MIT network (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) among others places.