From Lockdown to Lock-out…

Just after 7am on Friday 29th May and 15 or more bailiffs, and a token two cops, work to suddenly smash into the GRASS social centre.

​Despite warnings that evictions were somewhat dodgy during a time of viral pandemic, the bailiffs seemed to enjoy breaking into the door, smashing a glass panel in it for no useful reason, and instantly undermining all the hard work that gone into the making of, and the community value of, the space.

“Thanks from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who helped us and sent their support yesterday. We are gonna discuss our current situation and decide how to continue the GRASS project in the future. In the mean time, I want to say how humble and thankful we are for the support we’ve had so far and the connections we’ve managed to create through all of this.
– Love and solidarity, your friends at GRASS.

* They can kick us out (sometimes) but they can’t keep us down…

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