Hackney Anarchists

HA Admin [draft]

Note this page is currently public.


  • Design..?
  • Sort out radar.squat.net calendar..
  • Add future zines
  • Admin docs

Policy and process proposals

  • Link digital services to the group HA email (rather than only individual emails)?
  • Share relevant credentials securely with more than one person?
  • Check out proposed announcements for the mailing list with the group
  • Remove identifying meta-data from images and documents. See: Working with media.
  • Consider copyright etc.?
  • See: https://network23.org website requirements and guidance (e.g. only small file sizes are allowed)

Adding zines

  • Clean the file metadata (see Working with media)
  • Upload the file to archive.org and get link to the PDF
  • Copy an existing zine post and modify. This should do most of the following:
    • Add new post, set category ‘Zine’
    • Enter title
    • Add a row, with (1) paragraph with linked filename and (2) linked ‘Download’ button
    • Sort out a picture for the zine (resize, clean, etc.) and set it as Featured image
    • Apply HA template
  • Posts with category of ‘Zine’ automatically display on the zines page

TBC: Legal deposit

Mailing list

  • The mailing list is currently intended mainly as an ‘announcements’ rather than full ‘discussion’ list
  • Group members can be set as editors/moderators (to be able to post)
  • To post, email hackneyanarchists@lists.riseup.net
  • It is probably better to post announcements from the HA! email
  • Invites can be sent to people who have enquired e.g. via email
  • We must be careful to only add subscribers with explicit consent
  • Can email back to enquiries but be careful of engaging with spam or phishing or malware etc.
  • Check for bouncing emails in list admin and remove