Bus 31

I was back in school, taking notes and realising there was an exam coming up and I had not studied because I had not known about it. After class I went to the bus station as usual.

I had two choices. I could go to some place or library in the middle of my journey home; for this I could take any bus; or I could go to a better study place closer to home, but that was a very long journey, and only one bus could take me there, so the waiting time in the bus stop would be much longer. I waited in the bus stop, then one of the easier buses came, then another, and then my long journey bus, that would take me wall the way to my destination in one go: bus number 31.

The three buses were now at the bus stop competing for space. The back door of the 31 bus was next to the rear of the second bus; there was a little gap there to get to the front door and it looked very dangerous, with very little space between the two big buses. I thought it would have been dangerous to walk to the front door and the dream finished before I could make a decision.

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