Justice for George Floyd

Today comrades from LAFA joined black liberation activists, families of people murdered by police, witnesses to police brutality, feminists and prison abolitionists to take to the streets and demonstrate for the first time since lockdown began.

Yes we joined in the demands for justice for George Floyd, and now is time to move further than making demands on authorities and those in power. We took to the streets in solidarity with Black communities and all people impacted by policing and imprisonment in the UK and worldwide – against police brutality and all violence in state custody.

Some of us joined the socially distanced protest circle & noise demo around HMP Pentonville, next to the Cally bridge where we’d recently made 2 banner drops. This was followed by a hundred strong demo, joined by many locals and people passing by, and a minutes silence outside the former site of HMP Holloway. Meanwhile LAFA south comrades joined a simultaneous demo in Peckham.

After meeting at Peckham Rye station, a crowd of around 60 marched through Peckham Rye Park. Along the way the crowd swelled to around 200-300 people. Motorists and bus drivers honked their horns in support and passers by raised the black power fist. In the park, speeches were given and there was a minute’s silence for George Floyd.

It was acknowledged that the UK is not innocent – that black people here as well as in the US are targeted, harassed, and ultimately killed by the police. The demo then took to the streets again to disperse at Peckham Library with some more speeches from young black activists. The number one point to take away was that silence is violence – Under fascism many crimes have happened because of supposedly decent people who’ve just followed orders or sat back and done nothing to resist. Now is the time to be actively anti racist.

Tomorrow we will be joining the demonstration called by BLM LDN meeting at 1pm at Trafalgar Square. There will be further demonstrations and civil disobedience throughout the week, keep watching this space and follow BLM LDN’s social media for more details


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