Antifascists Out Against Far Right Posie Parker

A large crowd holding various queer and trans flags and banners with faces blurred out

On Sunday 26th of February, Trans and Cis Antifascists came together to counter Far Right transphobe Posie Parker AKA Kellie Jay-Keen in Hyde Park.’

Kellie Jay-Keen has been a regular fixture of the transphobic protest scene and despite claiming to be a “feminist” regularly platforms and supports far right, homophobic and anti-abortion activists having even appeared alongside members of the KKK and other Neo-Nazi groups.

Alongside Transgender Action Bloc, antifascists went out to counter Parker’s regular demonstration in Hyde Park to militantly make it clear that fascists and their mates are not welcome in London and that transphobia won’t be ignored but smashed!

Antifascists entered the area and formed a firm bloc around the transphobic demonstration outnumbering the far right at their own demonstration. From the moment antifascists arrived, far right stewards were aggressive and right wing individuals were physically violent towards women, but activists held their ground, refusing to back down against attacks.

Despite fascist online networks begging for “everyone in London to come down right now”, they were unable to effectively react. Antifascists kept up strong and positive energy throughout the day, responding to the obvious hatred of the transphobes with fun and energetic chants and songs, as the transphobes marched off the energy changed from joyful to celebratory as Parker was left in tears at the fact she had to deal with over 150 trans people, queer allies and supporters having a good time. Spontaneous karaoke broke out at the end of the demonstration, in a display of queer joy and a celebration of ongoing solidarity.

It’s worth saying that despite the massive success of the day, transphobes were comfortable being violent with no police repercussions and more antifascists have to take the threat seriously and turn up when needed.

There will likely be more demonstrations against transphobic fascists like Posie Parker and it’s important that wherever you see transphobic demonstrations pop up that antifascists organise against them with strength and great numbers.

The far right movement where we see demonstrations against drag queen stories hours is coming with a resurgence of openly homophobic activists and racist reactionaries. It’s no surprise that we are seeing a re-emergence of anti migrant and asylum seeker street movements alongside the solidification of transphobic groups and militants. The struggle against transphobia is structurally tied with the common struggle of all antifascists!

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