Leftist Organisations Abuse & Bigotry Cheat Sheet*

*publicly available information only, CW: sexual assault, rape, CSA, transphobia, racism, homophobia, patriarchal violence, antisemitism, acronyms.

Labour Party

Transphobia, racism, colonialism, homophobia, antisemitism, patriarchal violence

Long thread on shitty things the Labour Party has done since 1916 part 1

Shitty things the Labour Party has done since 1916 part 2

‘Labour MP Rosie Duffield says something transphobic then asks “but why are you calling me transphobic?”’

The Socialist Workers Party (SWP)/ Stand Up To Racism/ Unite Against Fascism/ Stop the War Coalition/ Rock Against Racism/ Right To Work Campaign/ The Socialist Worker (newspaper)/ Socialist Review (magazine)/ Women’s Voice (publication)/ Black Lives Matter*

Defends rapists and sexual abusers in their party. *Co Opted from actual Black Lives Matter movement. Banned feminist demonstrators

The SWP crisis: accounts and resources

WHO ARE THE SWP!? An Incomplete History

SWP rape allegations Kangeroo Court

SWP stewards shout at anti-rape feminist demonstrators

‘SWP seek “ban” on feminist demonstrators’

The SWP lie about child rapist having a leading role in their organisation and deflect all blame away from themselves, as well as fail to take action/investigate accusations of misogyny and sexism in their Newcastle branch

Stand Up To Racism is an SWP front group:
The Socialist Workers Party and Stand Up to Racism are no friends of the Left

Unite Against Fascism is an SWP front group, outlines one groups attempts to confront the SWP:
Fuck the SWP: Care & Affinity in Confrontation

BLM cooptation:
Socialist Groups Hijack BLM Demonstration in Dundee: Response to Dundee Young Socialists.

London Anti-Fascists (LAF)/ 12 Rules for WHAT/ Red Flare (not to be confused with LAFA)

Sexual abuse, manipulation, intimidatory behaviour, and cover-up of abuse.

‘London Activist Left — it’s time to stop covering for abusers.’

Claim that 12 Rules for WHAT is associated with LAF:
‘Abusers belong in graves not anarchist spaces- why we don’t support @BookfairLDN’

Repeated claim

Resisting Hate

Abuse, racism, doxxing, transphobia

RH has been entirely unaccountable for its actions and has failed to address any of the abuse including the doxing of BIPOC women.

Resisting Hate member Louise Raw has worked with transphobic hate group ‘Women’s Place UK’

Woman’s Place UK and Transphobia

Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) (CPGB-ML)

Extreme transphobia

‘Marxism and Transgender Liberation: Confronting Transphobia in the British Left’

‘CPGB-ML defend well-known transphobe JK Rowling against the “thought police”‘ and other rants about “trans extremism” and “trans ideologists”


Communist Party of Britain (CPB)

Transphobia, tolerance of transphobic views

‘Leaving the Communist Party of Britain — A Response to ‘Gender-Critical’ Feminism’

‘Communist Party executive committee STATEMENT March 2023’ argues against self-identification, repeating transphobic lies about how this would put women-only spaces under threat


Young Communist League (YCL)
The youth wing of the Communist Party of Britain (CPB)

Abuse, sexual assault, transphobia patriarchal violence

‘Last night myself and three other women resigned from the Young Communist League (YCL) over the mishandling of a sexual assault investigation and the subsequent non-expulsion of the perpetrator.’

‘Young Communist League now run by sex criminals of “Red Tek”’

Full Stop Affinity’s Final Statement mentions many groups including YCL. This statement will be referred to several times in this document.

YCL Scotland have explicitly praised transphobic hate group ‘Woman’s Place UK’ (WPUK)

‘Patriarchal Violence in British ‘Marxist’ Parties’

Football Lads & Lasses Against Fascism (FLAF)

This group has worked and continues to work with ‘Proletarian Memetics Laboratories’ who does their graphic design and has posted extreme transphobia. When challenged on this, several FLAF accounts doubled down on their transphobia. Other FLAF members have also posted transphobic content and views

Compiled screenshots shows a tolerance of transphobia as well as posting transphobia themselves

FLAF also posted this facebook post about meeting with Roy Larner.
Roy Larner has a violently racist history and despite claims he has changed, he remains friends on Facebook with several neo-nazis.

Some FLAF groups are also still closely associated with London Antifascists (LAF) as mentioned in Full Stop Affinity’s statement

Revolutionary Communist Group (RCG)

Abuse, Apologism, and Victim Blaming

‘End the RCG: Highlighting and sharing examples of harmful and abusive behaviour within the RCG’

‘A Polemic Against the Revolutionary Communist Group’

Socialist Party Scotland, Dundee Young Socialists


‘Socialist Groups Hijack BLM Demonstration in Dundee’

‘Socialist Groups Hijack BLM Demonstration in Dundee: Response to Dundee Young Socialists.’

Anarchist Communist Group (ACG), Anarchist Communist Network (ACN)

Transphobia and transphobe apologism, bullying and misogyny

‘The Anarchist Communist Group are soft as fuck on transphobia’

‘ACG split from AFed to defend a TERF’

‘In the aftermath of TERFs getting kicked out of the London Anarchist Bookfair in 2017, a bunch of people within the AF started insisting that it was fine for them to hand out transphobic leaflets. Those people went on to form [the ACG]’

‘the Anarchist Communist Group and the Anarchist Communist Network, both of whom apparently fancy themselves managers of anarchism, the grand unquestionable placeholders of Anarchia.’

Green Party of England and Wales

Racism and transphobia

‘Racism, transphobia big problems in Green Party, internal report says’

Extinction Rebellion (XR) Guildford


XR Guildford angry with XR Bristol for showing solidarity with trans people against Women’s Place UK