The INDU blog seeks to outline, dissect, deconstruct systems, whether those be systems of surveillance, systems of normalization, systems of social mediation or just plain old BS rules. Control is most effective when it is silent yet spectrally ubiquitous, i.e like carbon monoxide: Odourless, imperceptible until you’re on the floor gasping for breath.

Media, like gas, works the same way, wherein just like how fish in a pond cannot perceive water, so do people remain unaware of controlled perception. The task of design, media, technology, art and science, opposed to its grand historical narrative of progress, are to formulate these cybernetic means of control via the insidious poison we call American consumer capitalism.

The task of blogging, journalism, documentation, ergo writing at its finest, is to be the conscience of a social order. To uncover the veil, to see past the fog, to reveal the valley hidden between the mountaintops. Through this blog, we aim to construct new weapons, new tools but nay, not of physical material, but of mind. Concepts, as we all know, are the deadliest of weapons, the greatest of tools, the most potent of vaccinations and the most freeing of koans. Through outline, we awaken the idea of a conscious being within itself.

We hope that you recognize your freedom to take what is useful and discard what isn’t, thereby aiding you on your own path to self realization. And most of all, we hope that what we write truly precipitates something valuable for you to take home.