Solidarity Federation – National

Solidarity Federation

The website of the national federation.


Freesheet of the Solidarity Federation – contact us if you want a copy, or if you want to distribute where you are.

Direct Action

Quarterly magazine of the Solidarity Federation.


Self education course on the history of the working-class movement, produced by SF.

Education Worker Network

An industrial network of SF members working in the education sector.

International Workers Association (IWA-AIT)

The Solidarity Federation is a member section of the International Workers Association (IWA-AIT).

Solidarity Federation – Locals

Brighton SolFed

The Solidarity Federation local branch in Brighton.

Manchester SolFed

The Solidarity Federation local branch in Manchester.

Liverpool SolFed

The Solidarity Federation local branch in Liverpool.

West Yorkshire SolFed

The Solidarity Federation local branch in West Yorkshire.

South London SolFed

The Solidarity Federation local branch in South London.


AK Press
A worker run book publisher and distributor organized around anarchist principles.

Anarchist Federation
Class struggle anarchists (based in Britain and Ireland) aiming to abolish Capitalism and all oppression to create a free and equal society – Anarchist Communism.

AF North
Website run by he Manchester Group of the Anarchist Federation, also had archives of the libertarian socialist group Solidarity and the council communist groups Subversion and Wildcat.

Class War
An organisation of groups and individuals who have come together to change the society we live in, to improve the lot of working class people.

Glasgow Anarchists
Umbrella group of anarchists in Glasgow, were involved in school occupations in summer 2009.

Haringey Solidarity Group
Local group that started life as anti-poll tax group and still believes ordinary people know what’s best for them, not bosses or politicians.

Industrial Workers of the World
A grassroots and democratic union helping to organise all workers in all workplaces, fighting for One Big Union because An Injury to One is an Injury to All.

An online resource of news, opinion and information for anarchists and social activists.
Run by a small collective of libertarian communists based in and around London, a resource for radical workers who wish to fight to improve their lives, their communities and their working conditions.

No Sweat
The campaign against the use of sweatshop labour across the world.

Anarchist group active mainly in Belfast, publish the amazing quarterly tabloid paper The Leveller. More of their stuff is available on

Sabcat Printing
High quality, anti-capitalist printing outfit based in the West Midlands.

Simon Jones Memorial Campaign
A campaign against casualisation, in memory of Simon Jones and others killed doing informal work.

South Wales Anarchists
Network of autonomous collectives against all forms of exploitation and bigotry, and with a nie website. Also publish Gagged!

The Authority Smashing! Hour
Anti-authoritarian, myth dispelling radio.

The Commune
London based group who believe that “communism can only come from below, through the organisations of the workers themselves”, after several member rejected state socialist parties.

The Other Campaign 2010
A campaign based around te slogan “Don’t vote -organise,” in response to the grotesque spectacle of the General Election campaign in the UK.

The Sparrows’ Nest
Centre for Anarchist Culture and Education in Nottingham set up by Notts Afed and other anarchists to inform about anarchism and about working class struggles in the region.

Yorkshire Anarchist Federation

Collective anarchist groups based in Sheffield, Leeds and Hull affiliated to the Anarchist Federation.

UK Social Centres Network
A portal to radical social centres and autonomous spaces around the UK.

Recommended reading

Anarchism and Anarcho-Syndicalism by Rudolf Rocker

God and the State by Mikhail Bakunin (1871)

The Kronstadt Uprising of 1921 by Ida Mett (1948)

Libertarian Communism by Isaac Puente (1932)

Listen, Marxist! by Murray Bookchin (1971)

My Disillusionment in Russia by Emma Goldman (1923)

Party and Class by Anton Pannekoek (1936)

Principles of Syndicalism by Tom Brown (1943)

What Is Property? by Proudhon (1840)

Black Flame by Michael Schmidt and Lucien van der Walt (2009)

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