Notts Uncut Arrests

On December 17th, Notts Uncut held a demonstration in Nottingham city centre as they had many times over the preceding year.

Where in the past Nottinghamshire Police have had a relatively hands-off approach, this time they were confrontational from the beginning, asking people for details.

Terms were imposed on the demonstration under Section 14 of the Public Order Act 1986. One person was arrested for allegedly breaching these terms, another was arrested after he remonstrated with the police about the original arrest.

A third arrest took place that evening at Bridewell Police Station where supporters were waiting for one of the arrestees to be released.

We put out a statement at the time detailing what happened on the day, as did Notts Uncut. There was further coverage with photos on Nottingham Indymedia.

Upcoming events

On Saturday 14th January we are organising a meeting at the Sumac Centre to see how we can respond to what appears to be a step change in the way Notts Police deal with protests.