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Articles / Pamphlets

Against ‘Effective Altruism’. By Alice Crary

An Interview with Syl Ko.

Animal Liberation and Critical Theory. An Interview with John Sanbonmatsu

Animal Liberation and Social Revolution. By Brian A. Dominick.

Backyard Chickens: Expanding Our Understanding of ‘Harm’. By Robert Grillo and Charles Horn.

Domination and Consumption: an Examination of Veganism, Anarchism and Eco-feminism. By Ian Werkheiser.

“Ethical” Veganism: an interview with Dr. A. Breeze Harper.  From T.O.F.U magazine.

Exploding the myth of the Moral Underclass. By Saryta Rodriguez.

From Animals to Anarchism. By Kevin Watkinson and Donal O’Driscoll.

Green Anarchism: Towards the Abolition of Hierarchy. By Corin Bruce.

Irked by Black Lives Matter? Here’s What to Do. By pattrice jones.

Is Freeing Minks Terrorism? Questions We Should Be Asking Ourselves. By Lauren Gazzola.

Is “Pro-Choice Ethical Vegan” an Oxymoron? By Sherry F. Colb.

Lessons in Applied Speciesism. By Justin Van Kleeck

Liberation Permaculture By Graham Burnett and Nicole Vosper

Occam’s Razor and Veganism. By Benny Malone

On Ableism and Animals. By Sunaura Taylor

Oppression Olympics and the Pitfalls of “Animal Whites”. By Saryta Rodriguez

Reducetarianism vis-à-vis Veganism: The Limits of Finding Common Ground. By Mychael McNeeley

Reducing is a good thing. Reducing animals to food is not.  By Mario

The Art of Listening. (Or Your Allies Are More Important Than Your Ego). By Marla Rose

The Dangers of Hero Worship in an Activist Movement. By Michele Kaplan

The Kind of Anarchism I Believe in, and What’s Wrong with Libertarians. By Noam Chomsky.

The Politics of the Pure Vegan Myth. By Corey Wrenn.

Thoughts on Vegan Masculinity. By Justin Van Kleeck.

Veganism defined. By Leslie Cross (Spring 1957).

What’s Wrong with “Carnism”? By Corey Lee Wrenn.

Online talks

Against the Grain – A discussion regarding social geographer and anarchist Elisée Reclus

Akrasia: The Persistence of Animal Consumption – Elisa Aaltola

Animals and Social Justice – Will Kymlicka

Animal and Disability Liberation – Sunaura Taylor

ARZone Podcast 84: The Politics of Total Liberation – Steve Best

Commonalities of Oppression – pattrice jones

How We Grow Up to Be Animal-Loving Animal Users – Roger Yates

Intersectionality in Community-Based Movements – Brenda Sanders

Intersections of Justice: Building an Inclusive Animal Rights Movement- Christopher Sebastian

OHNHR podcast with David Nibert

The Foundation of Justice: Veganism and the Animal Rights Movement – Sarah K. Woodcock

The Hidden Cost of Patriarchy – Jennai Bundock

Welcoming Gender Diversity – Pax Ahimsa Gethen

What Can Mad Cows & Queer Ducks Teach Us About Intersectionality?pattrice jones

What do anarchists think about animal liberation?

Wide ranging talks and workshops from the Resistance Ecology conference.