Pumpkin Records has had a major internal problem, we have a back up hard drive which we back up everything from our music, photos, details, gig history, compilations, literally everything to do with Pumpkin Records. Our hard drive crashed and wiped the lot, literally everything, we managed to recover the recording from the studio as these get backed up elsewhere, but we have lost absolutely everything else, 5 years and 14,000 files, which is completely gutting.


We are asking anyone who has any photos from our gigs, any copies of our CD-R releases (ie Stupid Stupid Henchmen, Surfin Turnips etc) or anything else Pumpkin related if it would be possible for you to email or post a copy of the music to us, we have lost everything and would really appreciate the support of people who have this to help us get back on track.

Please email or if you think you can help.

Thanks in advance.

Pumpkin Records x

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