‘The Other’ Armed Forces Day

Every year, the government uses Armed Forces Day to promote war. Activists in Southampton are using this year’s event to explain the reality behind the facade. Bristol Radical History Group are taking part, putting particluar emphasis on mutinies during and after World War 1. Perhaps we should start thinking about doing something similar in Bristol!

Details below – for further information email rememberingrealww1@gmail.com

Event: ‘The Other’ Armed Forces Day – exploring the conscience of war
Date: Saturday 27th June
Time: 11.30-5.30pm
Place: Central Baptist Church, Devonshire Rd, Southampton SO15 2GY

A day of creative expression, dialogue and workshops that include veterans, artists, historians, poets and we hope- you too! Come and hear accounts of mutineers, deserters and conscientious objectors. Stories of people who were and still are the ‘conscience of war’- telling how it was, is and what it’s like for new recruits.

British Armed Forces’ Strikes, Refusals and Mutinies 1919: From Southampton to Murmansk

Bristol Radical History Group (BRHG) expose the hidden history of WWI strikes and mutinies revealing how mass refusals of troops across Europe at the end of the war included expressions of militant dissent in the British Armed Forces. In January 1919, a movement of British soldiers, sailors and airmen refused their orders, formed ‘councils’ and demanded demobilisation. Alongside these rebellions in army bases in mainland Britain and France the crucial channel ports of Dover, Folkestone and Southampton were occupied and shut down by thousands of soldiers and sailors. This widespread revolt was successful in its aims and helped lead to the collapse of the Allied invasion of Soviet Russia.

The main event also includes:

-New short films by Darren Cullen- Action man: Battlefield Casualties

-Ex SAS soldier Ben Griffin founder of Veterans for Peace UK: What to expect if you ‘join up’ now.

-Interactive workshop with Emily Johns and Gabriel Carlyle: The world is my country- Inspiring art and histories of resistance.

-Art by CRASS Gee Vaucher, Darren Cullen, Emily Johns, Lizzie Jones and more.

-Afterparty gathering open to all friendlies with open mic at Avondale House. Music, poetry, film and fun.