‘Refusing To Kill’ Booklet Published

‘Refusing To Kill’ Booklet Front Cover

We are pleased to announce the publication by Bristol Radical History Group of the ‘Refusing To Kill‘ booklet.

The booklet is a much expanded version of the material included in the ‘Refusing To Kill’ exhibition that appeared at various venues across Bristol from September 2017 to July 2018. The exhibition and booklet tell the story of the 580 men from the Bristol area who, for religious, moral or political reasons, refused to fight in World War 1, as well as the story of the men and women who supported them. It includes the names, addresses and occupations of all 580 conscientious objectors, as well as re-prints of rarely seen documents from local archives.

The booklet can be purchased on line via the Bristol Radical History Group website here

For further information email rememberingrealww1@gmail.com

Back Cover
‘Refusing To Kill’ Booklet Back Cover
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