Animal Rights Gathering in Nottinghamshire this weekend

The annual summer Animal Rights Gathering is again taking place in Nottinghamshire from 8 to 10 August, just a few miles from junction 31 of the M1. As usual it promises to be a really good way of meeting new people and old friends, going to interesting meetings, learning new skills and socialising.

It aims to reflect on the movement, inspire new ideas and spread information between the various groups and individuals working to end animal exploitation. The timetable has just been announced and there are some excellent and intriguing workshops taking place, among them: Resilience to repression, Fracking and why this is an animal liberation issue, Animal liberation and land struggle, Vegan campaigning and radical veganism, and Animal liberation goes blockupy.

The event also has a safer spaces policy: no sexist, racist, homophobic or any other oppressive behaviour will be tolerated. The organisers ask that everyone is careful that their actions or words are not discriminatory or oppressive to others and that people are especially mindful if they are consuming alcohol that they are not acting in a way which could make others feel uncomfortable.

The gathering will have a team of mediators which can be called on to deal with any discriminatory or oppressive behaviour. We are confident that any situations which arise will be able to be dealt with through discussion and negotiation. In the event that this is not possible, people may be asked to leave the site in order to make others feel safe.

Further details including the location and a complete timetable of workshops can be found on the gathering website and there is also a Facebook page. If you have any questions or suggestions you can also e-mail:



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