SOCPA7 solidarity court protest on Friday 10 October

This Friday, 10th October, the SOCPA7 will be sentenced at Southwark Crown Court, 1 English Grounds (off Battlebridge Lane), Southwark, London SE1 2HU. They are compassionate people who were raided and arrested for holding protests against the notorious Huntingdon Life Sciences laboratory and have been charged with conspiracy under special laws that are meant to criminalise anti-vivisection campaigns.

Debbie and Lorna have the most serious charges and face up to 5 years in prison, Emma and Anton face up to 3 months and Emily and Alexis face large fines. Join them in a peaceful protest outside the court in solidarity with the activists as their sentencing takes place. Together we have the strength to fight animal testing and resist state repression.

To learn more about the SOCPA7 case, laws and defendants, visit the support website:  or on Facebook: Please build a good show of support for the defendants by sharing this event info and inviting your friends.

Here is a message from the organisers of the demonstration:

In case anyone can’t make the protest for 9am, the court hearing could take most of the day before the Judge finally sentences the defendants (tells them their punishments). We’re hoping to keep the protest going until that happens, so potentially through to the afternoon – but you’re of course welcome to go for breaks throughout. We’ll start at 9am before the hearing begins so we have chance to wish the defendants luck before they go in and so they can see our support presence outside. But if you really can’t make it until later in the day, it will still be worth coming. We’ll post on here once the protest finishes so you can check if you’re arriving in the afternoon and think you might be too late. Please do try to make it for 9am if you can though

Facebook event page:


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