Is hunting the solution to London’s toff problem?

A theme I’ve touched on before is the ruling class’ belief in their destiny to lord it over us, including the right to kill whatever moves on this earth. Whether it’s fox hunting, grouse shooting or the badger cull, they love nothing more than slaughtering wild animals, preferably if there’s some sort of chase involved first and they can dress up in ridiculous costumes, ride on horseback, blow horns and do other stupid stuff like that.

It used to be the case they could get away with doing it whenever they pleased. Vast swathes of land owned by the monarch or aristocracy were their hunting grounds and beware commoners who intruded there. Nowadays the “born to rule” excuse is not one the elite can openly use (that’s not to say they don’t still believe it of course as proven by their unguarded comments). Instead they try to ascribe a dubious necessity to their blood lust. Killing animals is required in order to control their numbers, or stop them being a pest.

In the past few years urban foxes have been sensationalised and demonized in the tabloids as presenting a danger to humans. In one story last year a sleeping baby was supposed to have had his finger nearly bitten off by a fox which entered through the back door of a house in Bromley, south east London. This attack was during February and the door was open due to the council not having repaired it.

A similar incident occurred in 2010 when twin baby girls were bitten by a fox in Hackney. Again the back door was left open. Thankfully such attacks are extremely rare despite the increase in the numbers of urban foxes due to people not disposing of food waste properly. In fact you’re far more likely to be bitten by a dog than a fox, with the number of victims estimated at 200,000 per year, yet you never hear politicians calling for a canine cull.

No, they know that would be electoral suicide. However Tory twats like Boris Johnson are only to happy to advocate fox hunting because its a bloodsport they love. Earlier this year the brainless mayor said he’s been tempted to use an air rifle to shoot the animals and event went as far as saying: “I’m pro-liberty and individual freedom. If people want to get together to form the fox hounds of Islington I’m all for it.”

This says it all. Parts of London are turning into a playground for the rich with working class people being forced out of boroughs like Islington due to high rents, lack of social housing and the bedroom tax. Such is the arrogance of the ruling class it’s fantasizing about imposing its favourite countryside pursuits onto the urban landscape.

Some will say this was just an off the cuff remark made by an upper class buffoon during a twitter Q&A, yet it shows clearly how the minds of these people work: a pack of foxhounds chasing a fox across Finsbury Park bayed on by mounted redcoats – it’s a Tory wet dream!

The biggest problem in London by far isn’t foxes or any other legged animal, it’s the two legged kind who think they have a right to rule over the rest of us. I’d like to reiterate my support for toff hunting as a solution for London’s growing problems caused by Tory vermin like Johnson and the rest of his pals. Leave the foxes alone!



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